19 Argentine companies are among the best places to work

The report was made based on three topics or groups. On the one hand, an analysis based on multinational companies. Second, a ranking made up of large companies. Lastly, a list was made up of small and medium-sized companies.


The survey shows that the 3 best ranked multinationals in all of Latin America were DHL Express (transportation), Millicom (telecommunications and information technology) and GBM (information technology).

Within the group of multinationals, the presence of e-commerce is observed Free market (in sixth place), co-founded by Marcos Galperín, and they gloat (eighteenth place), by Martín Migoya. In addition, DHL Express has a presence in Argentina, as does AT&T (4), Teleperformance (8), AES (11), Hilton (12), EY (13), Dell Technologies (14), Oracle (17) and SAP (22).

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Among the different factors that are analyzed to make up the index, the consultant takes into account aspects such as credibility, respect, equanimity, camaraderie and the pride that the company generates in its employees.

Big enterprises

In the case of large companies, the first place was occupied by the Brazilian retail company Magazine Luiza, followed by the Mexican Infonavit and the Peruvian Interbank, both specialized in financial services.

The list of large companies included the presence of 4 Argentines in the list of the 50 best places to work in the region. On the one hand, Bank Georgiameicia achieved fourth place, while below her were located Quilmes (24), Industrial Bank (33 years Cargill (39).

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The SMEs also had the presence of four Argentine companies. Dinocloud, an information technology company, ranked 19th; Ceibo Digital, of professional services, reached 21st place; Guarantee, the financial and insurance services company in position 34 and Warecloud, also a technology company, in position 42.

In SMEs, those who won the first places were Real Plaza (Real Estate) from Peru, Seguros Universales (insurance industry), from Guatemala and, in third place, the Brazilian Visagio Consultoria (professional services).



At the same time, based on the indicators analyzed by Great Place to Work, such as trust, among others, it appears that the category of Financial Services and Insurance reaped 31% of the points and is located in the first place among the most outstanding to work in Latin America.

Below are the companies linked to Information Technology, with 14% of the score, being the second most highlighted item to work in the region. In third place is Production and Manufacturing with 10%, followed by Professional Services with 7%, Real Estate with 5% and Biotechnology and Pharmacy with 4%.


As for the best ranked countries to work for in Latin America, Argentina ranks third on the listwith 7% of the scores, only surpassed by Mexico, with 8%, and Costa Rica, 8%.

The good location in the report of the 19 companies, including Mercado Libre, Globant and Banco Galicia, registers as a correlate the position of the country compared to other areas of the region.

Below Argentina were Brazil (4), Chile (5), Peru (6), Uruguay (7), Colombia (8), Dominican Republic (9), El Salvador (10), Guatemala (11) and Paraguay (12). .), Honduras (13), Nicaragua (14), Panama (15), Bolivia (16) and Ecuador (17).

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