20 summer movies to travel without leaving the sofa

Adventures, to laugh out loud, with fantastic journeys, dream scenarios and some that take place on a train. These are the 20 summer movies to travel without leaving the sofa that we recommend and where to see them. Neither may be among what critics consider to be the 20 best films in cinema history or among the biggest blockbusters, but they offer two hours of entertainment and that is more than enough.

In summer and with this heat, each one consoles himself as he can, either with a getaway to the mountains, a week soaking in the beach or with all the luggage ready to spend a fortnight in a foreign country. It is true that not everyone has the fortune to catch a train or a plane, but, luckily, there are other ways to travel without leaving home: through the cinema. Movies with impressive landscapes worthy of the best documentary, exotic places, fun adventures to enjoy with the family or even horror stories in broad daylight. Here are recommendations from 20 summer movies to travel without leaving the sofa. You can be inspired for your future trips.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel”, Disney+

The exoticness of the destination or the richness of its emblematic places is not everything in a trip, there are hotels capable of becoming protagonists, as in the case of the “Grand Budapest Hotel” complex. Wes Anderson (“The French Chronicle”) directs a unique adventure film; through a Europe as multicolored and bright as it is dark and melancholy. In it, the Budapest hotel, where everything begins, is another character.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

“Mom, mom!”, Movistar +

Summer. Beach. Greece. “Mamma Mia!” The adaptation to the big screen of the musical group ABBA cannot be missing from the viewing of films that make you live a dream vacation for 108 minutes. To the rhythm of “Lay all your love on me” we accompany Amanda Seyfried (“Breathe again”) on her way to discover who her real father is, whose identity was hidden by her mother (Meryl Streep), while at the same time young man lives a summer love in the Greek islands.

“Mom, mom!”

“Memories of Africa”, Movistar +

On this occasion, the great Meryl Streep will deal with the vast savannahs and coffee plantationsthis time as a protagonist, in “Memories of Africa”. Based on the novel by Isak Dinesen, the actress plays Karen, a young woman who accompanies her philandering husband, the fruit of a marriage of convenience, to Kenya at the beginning of the 20th century. She there she will meet an adventurer with whom to start a fascinating story among breathtaking landscapes.

“Memories of Africa”.

“Thelma and Louise”, Movistar+

For those who are not interested in a trip like the one around the world, what better way to hit the road with your best friend and with nothing to lose? That’s what Thelma and Lousie thought, the two young women who star in this road movie and of friendship. An American-style story that cannot be missed in summer.

“Thelma and Luisa”.

“Lilo and Stitch”, Disney+

One of the options to enjoy with the family. The story of Disney’s most beloved blue alien, Stitch, along with the Hawaiian girl Lilo. A funny, crazy and also very sentimental film, with Elvis Presley on the soundtrack and Hawaiian beaches and culture as a stage for laser gun battles. Humor for the whole family.


“Before Sunrise”, HBO Max

If you met a person on a train and they convinced you to get off to spend a night in Vienna together talking about your life, will you? The European girl whom this young American met, who was on a trip to the old continent, said yes. Thus began “Before Dawn.” A unique film for romantic hearts and restless minds.

“Before dawn”.

“Summer Solstice”, Amazon Prime Video

It happens at a popular party Swedish with pagan overtonesso everything is sunshine, flower crowns and traditional uniforms. But “Midsommar” isn’t your run-of-the-mill summer flick, and it won’t even leave you too eager to accept invitations from friends in the future. This film by director Ari Aster (“Hereditary”) manages to build a horror story in an unusual setting within the genre. The action follows the steps of an American couple who decide to try a different vacation in a remote Nordic village that is celebrating a very, very peculiar festival.


“Call Me By Your Name”, Netflix

One of the most representative titles for the LGTBI+ collective in cinema in recent years. The love story between Elio Perlman (Timothe Chalamet), a teenager, and Oliver (Armie Hammer), the young American who has reached his north italian village to help his father, a university professor. During that summer of 1983, their relationship and the attraction between them will become more and more intense.

“Call me by your name.”

“The Exotic Marigold Hotel”, Disney+

Traveling abroad, especially to countries with very different cultures and traditions, always have something in common: culture shocks. That is precisely what happens to this group of elderly Englishmen who decide to visit Bangalore, in the exotic indian. What leads them to star in all kinds of novel situations, for the entertainment of the viewer.

“The exotic Marigold Hotel.”

“The Sea Monster”, Netflix

Monster hunters, boating adventures and huge fantastic sea animals in this hot animated feature coming out of the oven for this summer. A girl must team up with an expert in catching sea monsters throughout this blockbuster. fun, great visuals and lots to offer to have a great time. Although it is possible that some spectator will remember his scenes when he returns to the beach.

“The Sea Monster”.

Australia, Disney+

Nicole Kidman (“The Northman”) and Hugh Jackman (“Reminiscence”) star in this love story in their native Australia. Ella, a stuffy English aristocrat trapped in an unhappy marriage; He is stubborn, gruff and the complete opposite of Kidman’s character. However, it is known that the opposite poles attract each other and it will be just what happens between the two of them with the awesome australian scenery background.


“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”, Amazon Prime Video

If Europe, South America or even remote Madagascar know little, the most adventurous and intrepid will enjoy an even more distant and fantastic journey. And for that what better than the adaptation of Tolkien’s classic “The Hobbit”. In this first installment of the trilogy we accompany the young Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman), who appeared briefly in “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” (2001), on a journey through the lands of elves and orcs only suitable for the freer hearts. To accompany with popcorn.

“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”.

“Boo”, Disney+

In “Vaiana” (whose original title is “Moana”) there is no prince nor is he expected. One of the very few Disney movies where her young princess has absolutely no interest in romance and she’s hell-bent on saving her own on her own. Vaiana is the daughter of the chief of an ancient tribe of sailors who must discover why nature and the ecosystem of her island are dying and how to reverse the process, of course. An optimistic and refreshing film with extraordinary animation, with beautiful sea scenes and songs that settle in the mind. Just like a big message of empowerment and freedomenvironmental awareness and the importance of the family and the richness of traditions.


“The Terminal”, Netflix

Being stranded at the airport, missing your flight or having your luggage misplaced are some of the concerns of those who face a vacation in the middle of summer. Unfortunately for Victor Navorski, his case is the example of the worst that can happen during a trip. “The terminal” is what you hope it never happens to you during a trip. Inspired by a true story, this citizen of a small European country, played by Tom Hanks (“Elvis”), is trapped in the New York airport by a civil war that has broken out across the pond. Due to the diplomatic conflict, he cannot leave the building and must find a way to survive.

“The terminal”.

Shark, Netflix

Summer wouldn’t be the same without this classic movie. Because of “Tiburn” many have assumed that state of perpetual guard when they bathe in the beach, as if they were listening in the distance the tune that accompanies the shark when he approaches his victim. The Steven Spielberg film was released in 1975 and was the starting gun of a genre in itself where sharks and other sea creatures thirsty for human blood torment the staff.


“Eat Pray Love” Netflix

Based on the homonymous bestseller, “Eat, Pray, Love” was not exactly a triumph for critics, but it does have a legion of admirers. The film, starring Julia Roberts, follows in the footsteps of Liz Gilbert, a woman who, while traveling through Italy, Bali, Indonesia and Indiabegins a process of introspective and personal search.

“Eat Pray Love”.

“The Goonies”, Movistar+

Another essential title by Steven Spielberg, this time at the forefront of the story along with Chris Columbus on the script. “The Goonies” is the childhood of a whole generation; Released in 1985, it is an adventure film about a group of friends who will not have the peaceful summer they imagined. They will quickly become involved in a fun but dangerous search for a treasure where friendship is the most relevant protagonist.

“The Goonies”.

“The best summer of my life”, Netflix

A Spanish comedy in the style of Leo Harlem. The comic plays a father, in financial trouble and in a relationship crisis, who proposes a challenge to his son: if he manages to pass everything with an A, he will give him the best summer of his life. Surprisingly, the 9-year-old boy succeeds. Now his father must manage to achieve an unforgettable vacationof course, full of hilarious and funny situations.

“The best summer of my life”.

“Luca” Disney+

Disney surprised last summer with “Luca”, nominated for the best animated film at the 2021 Oscar Awards. A beautiful little town by the sea on the Italian Riviera is the setting for this friendship story. In it, a little newt who decides to come to the surface to discover the world beyond the depths will meet another boy of his kind who will become his new best friend. And both of them will befriend a human girl. A highly nostalgic and sentimental film with multiple readings which speaks mainly of tolerance. Perfect for all ages.


‘Castaway’, Netflix

We hope you never have to find yourself in this situation, but if your plane ever goes down and you end up lost on a desert island, you may find the teachings of Tom Hanks, an expert on interrupted travel, in “Cast Away” useful. A Robinson Crusoe drama that left unforgettable moments, who can forget the coconut with its own name? A polyhedral story that, unlike those of its genre, dares to explore what happens to a survivor and the remains of his previous life, after a traumatic event of this kind.


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