2,600,000 were charged to an Ecuadorian couple for two mojarras and four beers on the beaches of Barú

The events occurred in Playa Tranquila on the island of Barú, in Cartagena. Photo: Infobae Colombia Archive.

The beaches of Barú, Cartagena, are the ideal destination to spend a weekend or the holiday season thanks to its white sand and the varied shades of blue of its waters.

However, what seemed like a piece of paradise turns out to be a true hell for tourists who, unsuspecting, allow themselves to be entangled and duped by unscrupulous vendors and merchants who take advantage of them on these beaches by inflating the prices of the services they offer. .

This was what happened to an Ecuadorian couple during their visit to Playa Tranquila on the island of Barú in Cartagena on August 21.

It all started when the tourist couple ordered what seemed to be a simple lunch: two mojarras and four beers. Nothing from the other world, no delicacy typical of the most eccentric of foodies. Nevertheless, the merchants had the audacity to charge them 600 dollars, which at today’s exchange rate is just over 2,600,000 pesos.

The tourists, surprised by the price of their simple lunch, asked a family from Barranquilla who were by their side if the charge was fair. As expected, they were told no, that it was not fair and that they were being robbed.

“Next to us was a couple of Ecuadorian nationality, who approached my husband to ask him if 600 dollars could cost two mojarras and four beers that had been consumed at the time. When my husband does the conversion he tells them that they are being robbed, ”said the woman from Barranquilla, who did not reveal his name to Noticentro CM &.

Confirming their suspicions, the Ecuadorian couple made the due complaint to those who had sold them the millionaire lunch, who, as usual, got upset and attacked the tourists and the family that was helping them.

“When we decided to accompany the lady, the people who do massages, the boatmen came in a bunch and I decided to take out my cell phone to record the situation. I was recording when suddenly that man comes against me, he hits me in the chest and I dodge it and my husband launches to defend me. Then he hits me again, ”the Barranquilla woman told the same newscast.

And it is that the woman, who was recording the situation, was attacked by a vendor, according to local media reports, who told her to stop recording or knocked down her phone, as it ended up happening and widening the fight.

The man, according to local media reports, would later have threatened both the tourists and the Barranquilla family with stabbing them. In the altercation, which lasted approximately 10 minutes, other people also intervened.

Finally, the man was removed from the place without the Police appearing, despite the shouts and calls made by the community.

At the moment it is unknown if the couple paid the disproportionate bill that ended peace in quiet beach.

The previous case was not the only one that occurred in recent days on the beaches of Cartagena. On this occasion the victims were Mexican citizens who were on vacation in Cartagena, in Playa Blanca.

Through social networks, the case of excessive charging in Cartagena, in the aforementioned sector, became known. Twitter users shared the photo of the invoice that the sellers gave to the tourists and with that, the complaint and complaints about this situation.

According to the image that went viral on social networks and the multiple complaints, the Mexicans paid more than six million pesos for the boat transportation service, some food and drinks, the stay on the beach and a speaker in which they listened to music. .

In the invoice that was known through networks and verified by the Cartagena Tourism Corporation, tourists were charged the following:

1 private boat for 980,000 pesos

5 stews for 225,000

26 large corona beers for 1,170,000

1 family sting 1,250,000

1 bag of ice for 40,000

3 large cokes for 135,000

1 shrimp ceviche 85,000

7 rooms 910,000

1 speaker, radio, music 120,000

7 restaurant services 737,000

“Our work” for 850,000

In total, with everything described above, foreign tourists ended up paying a total account of 6,502,000 Colombian pesos.


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