5 beaches you can visit without spending a lot of money

Believe it or not, there are some destinations that do not imply an excessive cost, so there are no more excuses for you to take a vacation these next few days

With the arrival of the August holidays, it is inevitable to think about the possibility of spending a few days on the beaches of El Salvador, enjoying the heat and the beautiful landscapes.

However, the expense that this could entail is one of the biggest impediments to deciding to leave the city. Believe it or not, there are some destinations that do not imply an excessive cost, so there are no more excuses for you to take a vacation these next few days. Here are some recommendations:

1- Taquillo Beach

When planning to visit the coast, most people think of the most popular beaches, such as: El Tunco, Costa del Sol, El Sunzal, Los Cóbanos or El Cuco. Leaving aside that, the country has dozens of paradisiacal destinations to explore.

If you are looking to enjoy unique moments with sun, beach and sand, in the “El Pulgarcito de América”, take into account the maritime wealth that Taquillo possesses. This impressive beach stretches for 101 kilometers in Jicalpa, La Libertad.

Taquillo Beach. Illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.instagram.com/p/CQb3PcUgVdZ/?utm_medium=copy_link

It is a site created by cliffs; Therefore, in its waters there are many huge rocks that stand out from the waves. The place allows camping and for more security it has the support of the National Civil Police (PNC). It is recommended to bring: food, water, sunscreen, among others.

Definitely, this destination shows a completely different panorama; therefore, it also serves as a refuge for various species of crustaceans and fish.

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2-The Window Beach

La Ventana is a spectacular beach, located in the municipality of Jucuarán in Usulutan, 17 kilometers from the Litoral highway.

It owes its name to a volcanic rock formation that simulates a window through which the waves enter, it is approximately five meters high and has a cave at the base.

EDH Photo/ Archive

The sand looks like that of a desert, fine and brown, the wind draws small waves on it. A row of leaning palm trees stretches out for several meters, the only option for a bit of shade.

Without a doubt, it is an impressive beach, especially since there is no human intervention, therefore its ecosystems are original and natural. The only thing you can hear are the waves of the sea hitting the stones and some bird songs. Ideal to take food and sit on the shore to enjoy.

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3- El Carrizal Beach

One kilometer from La Ventana beach, always in the municipality of Jucuarán, Usulutan, is El Carrizal beach. In this paradisiacal place, pieces of shells, small snails and stones of various sizes complement the landscape.

It is one of the areas that connects you with the environment; since it is a “virgin beach” of difficult access and with a lack of commercial offers; therefore, it is best to bring food to taste during your stay.


4-Beach places

It is an ideal place to swim, spend time with the family and discover new restaurants, very accessible. The British newspaper “The Telegraph” considered it as “the best place for splendid isolation and sunsets” within a list of the 20 best beaches in Latin America.

The newspaper highlighted the warmth of its inhabitants, the abundance of coconut trees, the sand that looks like gold at sunset, and other tropical fruits.

To get there you have to travel on the Coastal Highway that leads from San Salvador to Oriente. Go through Usulutan and when you see the El Delirio detour, turn right, you will find Playa Las Tunas, then Torola beach, Playas Negras and finally Maculis.


5-El Zapote Beach

While, the Salvadoran west also has spectacular beaches. In San Francisco Menéndez, Ahuachapán, is El Zapote beach, where the biological wealth is indescribable.

It is a perfect place for boat tours through the mangrove area, a trip that allows you to make eye contact with migratory birds. Here you can not miss the collection photos, especially at sunset. As for the gastronomic offer, on the shore of the beach there are cheap dishes.

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