5 South Florida destinations you must visit on vacation

Florida is one of the favorite places to enjoy the summer season, because its beaches, climate, sand, gastronomy and multiculturalism make it the perfect place to get out of the routine and vacation.

The Disney Wish will sail her inaugural season of three- and four-night cruises from her new homeport of Port Canaveral, Florida. Each sailing includes a stop at Disney’s private island paradise, Castaway Cay.Matt Stroshane. Courtesy Disney Cruise Line.

According to data from Visit Florida, the state tourism promotion office, between October and December 2021 about 1.5 million international tourists visited the state, of which 710,000 were Colombians, these being the ones who top the list of visitors foreigners to that place.

5 destinations to visit in South Florida

270 kilometers from Miami is Los Cayos, an archipelago that, thanks to its maritime diversity and tropical richness, brings together a large number of tourists from all over the world.

This place allows visitors remarkable activities such as swimming with dolphins or snorkeling.

If your intention is to enjoy the gastronomy of the place, attending the seafood festivals is an activity that you should add to your agenda in ‘things to do’.

  • Everglades National Park:

Made up of mangroves, reed swamps and pine forests, the Everglades National Park It has 1.5 million acres where wetlands are preserved, its fauna such as the leatherback sea turtle, the Florida panther, the Caribbean manatee and other animals in danger of extinction.

66 kilometers from Miami, this park is considered a World Heritage protected under the Cartagena Treaty and International Biosphere Reserve. As an activity not to be missed is strolling through the more than 6,000 kilometers of the park with a hydrofoil.

  • John F. Kennedy Space Center:

For those who are lovers of science And Space, This center is the one for vacationing in Florida. The Space Shuttle Atlantisgeneral tour of the center and 3D space movies are activities included in the passport.

Similarly, for tourists interested in learning about the history of the space program, space provides its origin through different dynamics.

About 347 kilometers will take you to get from Miami to the space center, a three-hour journey that you can enjoy in your vehicle, as you can make different stops along the way.

Native animals in Florida and a wide variety of wild specimens are gathered in this wonderful zoo. While by bus or train the journey can cost between US$41 and US$62, by private vehicle the average cost is US$30 depending on the season.

At 374 kilometers and 4 hours away, this wax museum is the one for tourists who want to get away from conventional activities such as restaurants and shopping malls. The heroes of the justice league, television stars, great athletes and exponents of the music industry are gathered in this place, yes, in the form of wax.

At the Madame Tussauds museum, visitors will be able to take pictures with their idol Bad Bunny while listening to excerpts from the album
At the Madame Tussauds museum, visitors will be able to take pictures with their idol Bad Bunny while listening to excerpts from the album “The Bad Rabbit” in a room with colorful neon lights. EFE Agency

For fans of urban art, this open-air museum offers the best graffiti made by different street artists from around the world. Its free entrance facilitates the attendance of all public without excuses or exceptions. With 18 minutes of distance you will be able to appreciate buildings and walls of different sizes that They have been taken as canvases by artists to capture their most colorful ideas.

What transportation do I use to get to South Florida?

Nowadays there are options to be able to visit it Metrorail, Metromover and Metrobus and per rental car

The Subway: it is the elevated train system, similar to the subway, it has 2 lines and goes from the airport to the south of Miami

The Metromover: is an elevated train that travels 7 kilometers to go through downtown Miami and Brickell

The Metro bus: offers routes to the main shopping, entertainment and cultural centers

rented carthis option allows you to visit places such as the keys, national parks, zoos and even the John F. Kennedy Space Center and get the most out of the tourist experience, arriving at the place and renting a car has become the best ally of travelers thanks because the use of this service generates benefits such as economy and comfort for family groups, friends and couples who plan to discover new cultures.

“Renting a car during your vacation allows greater freedom when it comes to transportation, since the tourist will not be subject to strict schedules, like other types of transportation,” said Martha Rey, co-founder of alkilautos.com.

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