8 tips to make videos like a pro with your phone

With the advancement of technology, nowadays anyone with a smartphone can make a video. However, most of the time, the end result is not what we expect: clips from our vacationbirthdays or outings are usually moved, be long and boringor poor quality.

The many features offered by modern cell phones allow With very little effort we can create videos similar to the professionals. For this we must learn how they work the devices, plan what we want to film and put a couple of secrets into practice…

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Since TN TechnoWe share a list with you eight basic tips to improve your home videos:

Think about the final result, your goal

Before you hit REC and start recording, the first thing you should do is think about what you want to appear in the video. Imagine the final scorewhat characters and elements you want to include or what actions to film.

the main thing in any video, whether homemade, social or a fiction, is the story being told. Although this story is basic, having something to say will help you think about how to approach the recording and concentrate on what you film.

try to be selective and try not to always tell the same thing in all the clips. If the events you want to record are apparently always the same, for example meals with friends, a routine at work or what happens on your street, focus on small details so as not to repeat the same thing over and over.

Learn the features of your smartphone camera and choose the right settings

Check the settings of the phone is fundamental when it comes to recording a good video. In principle, do it Full HD (1080p) is the ideal option if you want a good quality and not fill the storage capacity of your cell phone or memory.

Then, if your smartphone is not very modern, it is most likely that if you make a video in 1080p, then it will be difficult for you to edit it on the same device. In that case it will suit you record in 720p. On the contrary, with a powerful phone (good RAM and modern processor), you will not have problems if you shoot in 4K

IT IS importantbefore you start recording, check memory status and the space you have available, and how it fills up as you make videos. For example, you don’t want to run out of space at the end of a birthday and not be able to record the cake and candle moment.

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Make short clips with concrete actions

Nothing is easier than standing in front of a subject and filming it for four or five minutes. However, when you watch the video again you will realize that it is too long and that the minute it is most likely that lose interest.

A good idea is to make short clips of 20 seconds with a specific action for each of them. If you want to film some very long action, such as a hike up a mountain, a view through a window, or someone cooking, consider doing it in 5-10 minute intervals and only in 15-20 second snippets each. You will see how the final result is not monotonous and the same action can look different in each shot.

The strongest argument for this advice is TikTok's success in not allowing long-form videos on its platform.  (Photo: AdobeStock)
The strongest argument for this advice is TikTok’s success in not allowing long-form videos on its platform. (Photo: AdobeStock)

In this way it will also be a lot easier editing and you will save yourself having to advance a long video in which most of the time nothing too relevant happens.

keep your phone stable

few things can spoil as easily a video as a exaggerated movement or constant shaking. First make sure your smartphone has a stabilized video mode. If you don’t have it, we recommend use a small tripod for cell phones. This accessory will allow you not only to film videos without vibrations or sudden movements, but you will also be able to participate in them.

A tripod will help you achieve stable videos and amazing angles.  (Photo: AdobeStock)
A tripod will help you achieve stable videos and amazing angles. (Photo: AdobeStock)

Other more professional accessories allow you to stabilize the recording even if you are walking or running.

Unleash your creativity and try different angles

Before you hit the red button and start recording, experience different frames and angles. It’s amazing what you can achieve just by locating yourself in a different place. Try on top of a chair, crouched down, from the floor, from a corner. Try to place an object in the foreground and have the action take place in the background, look for reflectionsPlay with the lighting or simply put your cell phone, carefully, somewhere unusual.

Creativity to film with the cell phone.  (Photo: Pixabay)
Creativity to film with the cell phone. (Photo: Pixabay)

The possibilities are endless. Also try to record the same action or subject from different sides and angles. That way you will have more options when editing the final clip.

Play with slow motion and time lapses

Most modern phones include modes for record in slow motion and every certain interval. The first mode can be used to film something that happens very fast, such as a pet running, or someone playing sports. The interval or time lapse mode is used to record very long sequences that will later be seen in a few seconds, such as a car ride or a plane landing.

Don’t be afraid of editing

Do not rush to upload to social networks the videos you just recorded. It is not usually necessary, unless it is an emergency or an event that happens live and you have to share it at that moment.

take your time and research video editing apps (The most modern iPhones and Samsungs, for example, have their own applications included). There are many, from very simple and basic to professional. If you are new to this matter, start with the first ones.

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With these real editing programs, you can cut clips on your phone, join them, add them effects and transitions, put songtexts and much more.

one last tip

The last recommendation is that you have patience. Practice makes a master. He tries to follow this advice little by little and one at a time until you master them. And don’t get frustrated, keep trying and you’ll see how little by little you’re going to get the results you want.

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