9 tricks to pack the perfect vacation suitcase

    Although traveling is one of the most common pleasures, the process of packing the suitcase does not usually have so many followers. Beyond the practical or the toiletry bag – which could have a whole separate chapter – clothes usually give us more headaches than we would like.

    One of the most recurring questions is what clothes to include in the suitcase And although there is no single answer, there are some tricks you can apply to get the most out of the space. For this, not only the how to order clothes influences, the pieces we choose also matter, accessories play a fundamental role and destiny is essential to not fail in this mission. To make this (sometimes) arduous task easier, we’ve compiled nine foolproof tricks.

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    9 tricks to pack the perfect vacation suitcase

    The golden trick: do not put anything in the suitcase that you have not used in recent months

    Although we are working on it and we are betting more and more on responsible consumption, we all have some garment hanging from the closet that we have never worn. Whether it’s the cut, the fabric or the print, there’s something that just doesn’t quite fit. No matter how hard we try, it won’t fit in this vacation either and we will take up space in the suitcase in vain. If you want to wear clothes that you are going to wear, think about the ones you have worn the most in the last 2-3 weeks and you will be right for sure.

    Think about the destination and take a good look at the usual weather before you go

    Of course, the destination is essential when it comes to composing the perfect vacation suitcase. Whatever the destination of your trip, bring a basic sweatshirt or cardigan it never hurtsespecially to have on hand in airplanes or airports.

    Do not think about specific garments, but about appearance complete

    It is very common that when opening the suitcase upon arrival at the destination we find a mixture of garments without much cohesion with each other, which then become almost impossible to combine. It is because of that it is better to think about the complete outfits before traveling and not load with too many clothes that we do not know very well what to combine with.

    suitcase what clothes to take vacation

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    Be sober and practical with footwear

    Shoes are one of the items that take up the most space when packing your vacation suitcase. If you travel with hand luggage, do not include more than three pairs. Take the one that occupies the most place to travel and, inside the suitcase, opt for two practical options that combine with everything and that you can carry day and night.

    It follows the same philosophy as with the capsule wardrobe

    The benefits of the capsule wardrobe are known by all fashion experts. Imagine the suitcase in the same way as this practical and reduced wardrobe and incorporates several basic garments that give a lot of play to each other. For example, basic t-shirts in various colors, denim shorts, black shorts, a Tight dress in black, brown, black or gold sandals and a basic white shirt.

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    Include garments that are suitable in various contexts

    A good way to save space in your suitcase is to add clothes that have a place for day and night, that can be used for a walk along the coast but also for a formal dinner. Think about the most practical items in your wardrobe, such as pants palace in plain tones or a classic long white dress, which with the right accessories can be completely transformed.

    Includes (lots of) accessories

    Earrings, belts, necklaces… don’t forget to bring a small jewelery box and other accessories, since they contain the key to completely transforming a Look and being able to repeat styling in two completely different ways. doAn accessory that cannot be missing in your vacation suitcase? a square scarf. You can wear it around your neck if it’s cooler than expected, on your head as a scarf or turban and also as a top in a beach style.

    suitcase what clothes to take vacation

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    Leave some space in the suitcase for the purchases you make

    We must count on the fact that, almost always, we will return with something new from the destination. Whether it’s a piece of clothing, some decoration or a gift, leave room in the suitcase for your holiday shopping.

    order matters

    The way in which we store the garments will not only influence whether we can fit a couple more pieces, but will also ensure that they are wrinkle-free on arrival. According to the girls who travel the most, it is much better to roll up the clothes and put them vertically (in true Marie Kondo style) than to fold it in the traditional way.

    suitcase what clothes to take vacation

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    Finally, don’t forget the most important thing: enjoy. You’re on vacation! You don’t have to be perfect at all times, opt for comfort and clothes that make you feel comfortable with yourself. Premiere that flower dress, disconnect and relax.

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