A 5-star hotel on the border with Chile | Raúl Jalil highlighted the growth of Fiambalá

Catamarca continues betting on the development of the Bioceanic Corridor on the border with Chile. The new 5-star hotel that Governor Raúl Jalil and Mayor Roxana Paulón inaugurated in Fiambalá is the only one of its kind in the interior of the province.

The inauguration was part of a battery of works that were inaugurated this weekend in the last city of the National Route 60, Where is he San Francisco Passwhich is the door through Chili to Asian ports.

The hotel of a major firm adds 40 places to the most important tourist destination in the province and generates 28 jobs in the district. “We inaugurated a 5-star hotel that not only improves the tourism infrastructure, but also gives 28 fiambalenses the possibility of decent work and provides new opportunities for local artisans and entrepreneurs,” said the Governor.

In this sense, Jalil highlighted the investments and growth possibilities: “Thanks to the investment in tourism and mining in Fiambalá we have only 3.2% unemployment and we hope that by the end of the year unemployment will be zero in the municipality”.

Meanwhile, the mayor Roxana Paulon He stressed that one of the keys to the tourism industry is the synergy between public and private. “Only with the responsibility of both parties can the sustainable tourism that the country and society demand today be achieved. We have full places all year round. We continue to invest from the Municipality in campaigns to position our destination, which has infinite potential in terms of tourism”, said Paulón.

Housing and technology

The agenda also included the inauguration of other works that were carried out with the contribution of the provincial government.

Ten families made their dream of their own home come true, financed through the Ministry of Housing and Urbanization. At the same time, the Jalil announced the construction of 15 more homes for the towns in the north of Fiambalá. This is added to the housing programs that the municipality has been carrying out with its own financing.

In addition, it was launched Robotics Laboratory for the technical training of young people with new professional profiles of technological developments.

The Ministry of Science and Technological Innovation provided this training and practice laboratory with a KIST Rasti OKI 2 experimental kit, two Raspberry PI 4, two Chemistry Experimental Kit, a Projector, ten Arduino 1 R3 Kit. It also has a desk, 16 chairs, two 3D printers, two Robot Arm ARD CAR BT, four tables, two Notebooks and a sound, prepared to serve the fiambalense society. .

Recovery of the Baths

Jalil, Lucía and Roxana were the speakers at the closing ceremony of the celebration for the recovery of the Fiambalá Thermal Complex. The Festival “To the people what is of the People”, had as its central performance the tenors Nicolás Romero, Duilio Smiriglia and Darío Sayegh.

The Hot Springs, a natural tourist enclave that is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Catamarca, were declared Patrimony of Fiambalá through provincial law 5727.

In this context, Jalil confirmed that in the coming weeks the project for the remodeling of the thermal complex, which initially foresees an investment of 200 million pesos, will be presented through a public hearing.

During the activities accompanied by the National Deputy, Silvana Ginocchio; the National Senator, Guillermo Andrada; the National Deputy, Dante López Rodríguez; the Ministers of Housing and Urbanization, Fidel Saenz; of Industry, Commerce and Employment, Lisandro Álverez, of Science and Technological Innovation, Isauro Molina; of Social Development, Juan Carlos Rojas; municipal authorities, among others.

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