A Ford F-100 with more than 40 years and 56,000 kilometers: look at the images

In this opportunity we show you a Ford F-100 with more than 40 years in an unbeatable condition and mileage. Look at all the details.

The Ford F-100 is one of the most iconic vehicles in the history of the automotive industry in Argentina. For several years it was the undisputed queen in the universe of pick ups in our country thanks to its reliability and robustness.two attributes that were embodied in remembered commercials.

On this occasion, once again we have to thank the friends of @irons.vintage.argfor allowing us to show another jewel that they have within a collection of cars from past decades with very low mileage and in a state worthy of admiration. Today the protagonist is a 1980 Ford F-100 with just 56,000 factory kilometers.

Ford F-100 luxury mileage

According to what they told us, the pick up is “totally original” and the mileage is real, something that is evidenced in all the images. “It is an F-100 Deluxe that was kept for a long time by its second owner, an older man. The first owner was from Zárate and he had it almost all his life until a few years ago when he decided to part with it.”, says Rubén de Fierros Vintage.

To which he adds: “We take care of the complete mechanics to leave it ten points as it deserved given that it was a bit forgotten. It has an incredible and serene ride, it seems a much more current vehicle than it really is”.

Ford F-100 luxury rear

This particular generation of ford f-100 it was manufactured in Pacheco between 1973 and 1982although logically in the middle it had several redesigns. It was offered with three mechanical options, two gasoline (one V8 and one six-cylinder) and a diesel variant with the trusty old Perkins engine. This unit in particular carries the well-known ‘221’ that it shared with the Falcon of the time and developed about 120 HP.

Perhaps the most remembered commercial of this era of the Ford F-100 is the one where the pick up is launched from a moving plane. It was in the year 1973 when this generation came out and it was an advertisement that deeply affected the fans of the model and was also engraved in the retina of thousands of Argentines.who to this day still remember how the pick up fell to the ground.

Ford F-100 luxury tricked out Ford F-100 deluxe grill Ford F-100 Deluxe LogoFord-F-100-INterior

Review of the last Ford F-100 in Argentina

The Ford F-100 was manufactured in Argentina until the mid-1990s, when it moved production to Brazil.. From then on, and with the arrival of the Ranger in Pacheco, the full-size pickup began to lose prominence in the patent rankings, although its legacy remained intact.

The latest evolution that we saw in our country was actually a F-250, that in Argentina it received the name of F-100 for a historical question. This generation, which had initially been presented in 1999, received a restyling in 2007, when it added the delayed 4×4 version and also incorporated more body options.


If we talk about the engine, in this latest evolution of the Ford pick up it was a 3.9 four-cylinder called MaxPower that incorporated Common Rail technology and delivered a power of 203 hp and a torque of 56 kgm delivered at 1,500 RPM. Transmission was handled by a five-speed manual gearbox.

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