A new renovated truck model makes its way in the Argentine countryside

The automakers in Rural Palermo (Credit: Nissan)

The field does not stand still, it advances and moves at great speed even when the landscape often does not show it. The agricultural producer knows that it is the field itself that requires him to be active, attentive to variables and setbacks, looking for ways to improve the productivity of his lots. For that you need optimal tools that allow you to improve your performance year after year. And in a large country with a very varied geography, access to roads is often difficult, so a suitable vehicle to move in different territories makes the difference.

Nissan’s flagship pick-up model that arrived this year did so with a renewed design -exclusive to the Japanese pickup family- and a level of technology that makes it the most advanced Frontier in history. This shot, they say in the company, is ideal not only for the agricultural producer, but also for lovers of extreme adventures who want to escape from the daily routine. That is why its presence in the Rural Exhibition of Palermo generates a great attraction.

The company of Japanese origin presents itself at the great festival of the countryside in the city with an innovative space inspired by the culture where it was born. In the sample, the protagonist of this event is the new Nissan Frontier, in all its versions, so that those interested can learn everything about the latest launch of the company at the local level. In addition, the Nissan LEAF, the 100% electric passenger vehicle, is on display. Visitors will be able to see all its details and have direct contact with the Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision that aims to transform the way vehicles are driven, powered and integrated into society to aim for a future with zero emissions and zero fatalities.

The new Nissan Frontier features a completely new exterior design and adds technology and robustness. In addition, it is equipped with 6 airbags, disc brakes and cruise control in all its versions, and presents a renewed exterior design on its front and box, which grows in height, with more volume than in its previous version. And it has a new grille and led headlights. In terms of technology, within the framework of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, it adds a series of exclusive alerts and assistance to better adapt driving to different terrains and uses. Regarding robustness, the pickup continues to be equipped with its reliable and versatile 2.3 engine with Turbo and Bi-turbo options and its chassis was reinforced again to provide more safety and reliability in more severe uses.

Nissan renews its link with the agribusiness sector by launching its novelties (Credit: Nissan)
Nissan renews its link with the agribusiness sector by launching its novelties (Credit: Nissan)

“The presence of the company at the Rural Exhibition of Palermo is another excellent opportunity to generate a rapprochement between our Nissan Frontier pickup and the public interested in this type of vehicle, and especially with the agribusiness sector, which plays a very important role for us. ”, said Pablo Roca, Marketing Director of Nissan Argentina. Until July 31, all those who come to the stand will be able to carry out test drives of the new Nissan, experiencing to the maximum the emotion of driving the new version of the flagship pickup that the company produces in the Santa Isabel Factory, Córdoba. Outside the Expo, the S and XE versions will be exhibited, both equipped with some of their accessories to be able to know them in detail.


A Scalextric track designed exclusively for the occasion, with the characteristic and varied terrain of Argentina, will be one of the attractions to get to know the new version of the pickup in a different and very fun way at La Rural. At the same time, 2 interactive games will have the objective of informing about the original accessories of the new Nissan Frontier and the network of dealers throughout the country.

Nissan Argentina became an automotive terminal in 2017, with the intention of carrying out an industrial project for the manufacture of its Nissan Frontier pick-up. National production began in August 2018 at Fábrica Santa Isabel, province of Córdoba, and only 2 months after production began, exports to the Brazilian market began. In this way, Argentina joins the global network of production centers for the Nissan Frontier that includes plants in China, Thailand and Mexico.

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