A participant fell in love with Crash, the revelation jury of Sing With Me Now: “My knees are shaking”

Crash and Tomás Delgando perform “Perfect” in Sing With Me Now

From the very beginning of sing with me now was shown as one of the possible revelations within the jury. In the midst of a hundred artists, including celebrities and unknown talents, Crash did not take long to stand out in Marcelo Tinelli’s new cycle. First, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter and actress interpreted part of the official curtain of the program, and then, with her striking image, she did not go unnoticed in each of her returns.

“Each contestant has to generate empathy,” he explained in an interview with teleshowwhere he added that he intended to enjoy every moment of this big show. And this Wednesday part of the program was stolen, when he was able to demonstrate all his talent on stage and, incidentally, understand the television game with a fun comedy step.

Everything happened from the presentation of Tomas Gimeneza 23-year-old from Tucuman, living in the province of Santa Cruz and currently residing in San Juan. To nuance his nerves, in the previous He said that music is in his blooddesign of his father who is a lyrical singer. And to get into the mood, she sang the first song he learned: Ave Maria”.

Already on stage, he surprised us from the start with his charismatic simplicity and his irresistible tune. “I want to give you a little piece of my heart”was proposed before the challenge. “He won applause without having sung”, Marcelo Tinelli was surprised, before listening to him perform a sweet guitar and voice version of “Thinking out loud”, by Ed Sheeran.

Tomás Giménez’s audition that captivated Crash in Sing With Me Now (El Trece)

At the end of his performance, the driver went to Crash’s booth, and found her sitting on the desk and facing the stage. “I wanted him to sing to me as a princess,” said the jury, justifying her position, while exchanging smiles and greetings with the young man. “San Juan is far from me,” she lamented. “I can install myself here”, redoubled the participant and Tinelli had to interrupt Crash when he was about to give him the address.

“Are you single?” asked the Big Head. “Yes, obviously,” replied the jury. “Me too”, contributed the Tucuman without anyone asking him, reaping applause from the entire studio. In the matchmaker plan that he handles like no one else, Tinelli arranged their first date: it was going to be on the show’s stage, before the 99 remaining jurors and the thousands who followed him on television. But first, he toured the different stalls, reaping the positive feedback from Christian Castro, The Caligaris L-Ghentand his countrywoman Gladyswho gave him his sung vote from the moment he heard him speak.

Crash and Tomás Giménez, portrayed by Marcelo Tinelli. Credit: Ramiro Souto-La Flia

Finally Crash came down from the stalls to sing as he had promised. He asked Tomas if he knew how to play ‘Perfect’, another one by Ed Sheeran. He adjusted his guitar and they merged into a duet as if they had known each other all their lives and as if they had fallen in love a few minutes beforeyes Meanwhile, Tinelli recorded everything with her cell phone camera and the jury accompanied her in a state of hypnosis.

When it was all over it was a blast in the studio. “I swear that everything shakes here, my knees shake,” Crash admitted, feeling for a while the pressure of the participants. “They make a very nice couple,” Marcelo sentenced, while taking the last photo of them and in the background the clamor of the stands began to thunder. “You already ask for a peak, you lose your place”the jury threatened to complain. “But if you were going to give him the address,” Marcelo pointed out, everything ended with a beak and a duel of smiles.

Holding on to his guitar, perhaps to combat the shyness of the moment he had just experienced, Tomás listened to the jury’s verdict. There were 89 votes that put him in first place, which he held until the end of the program. There he snatched it Dove Angione18 years old, who swept away with an exciting version of “Marinero de Luces”, by Dove St. Basil which earned him a record 97 votes. Now he will have to defend second place against the seven participants on Thursday. And meanwhile, who knows, imagine that a love story is beginning.

Marcelo Tinelli between Crash and Tomás Giménez.  Credit: Ramiro Souto-La Flia
Marcelo Tinelli between Crash and Tomás Giménez. Credit: Ramiro Souto-La Flia


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