a Sex and the City actor filmed with Postiglione

“Making a cinema out of tune, imperfect, is perhaps the only way to keep us alive”, says Gustavo Postiglione. And it is not a phrase thrown at random, it applies much more to the image of that bottle with a message inside it thrown into the Paraná and, why not, it can cross several oceans.

“Detuned” is the title of the new film made by the director from Rosario, who had the valuable participation of Harry Chambarry, the actor from New York who acted in series such as “Sex and the City” and “La Ley y el Orden”. But the film has another peculiarity: it was shot last weekend on location in Rosario and with an iPhone, in another bet of instant cinema, a format with which the filmmaker of “El asadito” already filmed “Simulacro” and which is embodied in his brand new book “From instant cinema to live cinema”, from the Estación Cine collection, from Editorial Ciudad Gótica.

“Desafinado” tells the story of an actor (Chambarry), who arrives from New York to Rosario to meet a director (Postiglione), with whom he agreed to film a project. However, the director does not appear and the actor wanders around Rosario meeting part of the team with which he will work, but none gives him answers about the whereabouts of the director.

“I did not know Harry except for Ezio Massa, who is a friend of mine, since the actor actually came to Argentina to present Ezio’s production company, who also called him to participate in his film “Alter Ego”. I knew that and we talked to Harry about the possibility of doing something together. So we fictionalized our meeting by mixing fiction and reality,” Postiglione said.


Take two. Sol Ivancich, Harry Chambarry and Juan Nemirovsky, in action.

Another key point of the film is that it is spoken in English and narrated in a comedic tone. Harry Chambarry is an American actor who has worked in several independent films, as well as some appearances in programs and series such as “Sex and the City” and “Law and Order”, in addition to acting in “Alter Ego”, by the director Argentine Ezio Massa, which was shot in New York.

“I did it in English because the actor speaks in English and is the protagonist, and for it to have the rhythm it should have, I needed actors who could defend themselves in English. The only one who doesn’t speak a word in English is Tito Gómez, and I was interested in the crossing between the two, because I thought it ended up being very interesting and funny”, said the local filmmaker.


In filming.  Postiglione, with his iPhone, on the set of “Desafinado”.

In filming. Postiglione, with his iPhone, on the set of “Desafinado”.

The locations were decisive for the crossing of a New Yorker in Rosario to have all the nuances necessary for the story to be captivating. Among those locations there were many in the south, which is the neighborhood of Tito Gómez, and it was shot punctually in the San Antonio bar, in the Club Ciclón, in the Delta bar of the Puerto Norte hotel, in the Atlas Complex and also above of a car

In “Desafinado”, besides Chambarry, there are actors from Rosario who have already filmed with Postiglione, as is the case of Tito Gómez (“El asadito”), Juan Nemirovsky (“Frost breezes”), Lara Todeschini (“Simulacro”) and Ariel Hamoui (“El presi”), who were joined by Sol Ivancich and Martín Salomón.

The entire team that worked on “Desafinado” is made up of Gustavo Postiglione, directing and scripting; Camilo Postiglione, in photography; María Eugenia Solana as assistant director; Gabriel Mancini, in sound; Andrés Nicolás, head of production; and Postiglione and Ezio Mazza in general production.

“This is a project that we know where it begins but we don’t know where it ends, since we thought about it in a few days when my friend Ezio Massa told me that he was coming to Argentina with Harry to present his production company BAFAM Entertainment. It may be the first co-production between Rosario and New Jersey, where Massa is based”, said Postiglione. And he added: “The idea is that at the end of the year or next year I am going to film a movie of this style in New Jersey, as long as the times are right, since I am also going to film a big movie in 2023” .

Regarding the different modes of film production in this post-pandemic era and in the midst of the rise of platforms, Postiglione indicated: “I believe that cinema today should be produced in all possible ways without speculating too much about the real possibilities that a film has. Digital platforms have changed everything too much and have control of the global market. Today making movies outside of multinational streaming systems is an adventure with a high load of uncertainty. But I think it’s the only way to maintain true independence in terms of language, narration and content,” said Postiglione, who apart from “Detuned” will premiere “Singapore” in the coming months, the independent and experimental film shot over the several years with Julieta Cardinali and is in the process of post production.

And he concluded: “«Detuned» is a title that somehow speaks of that. Making a cinema that is out of tune, imperfect, is perhaps the only way to keep us alive”.

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