A stewardess left everyone without answers: what is the only part of the plane that is never cleaned

Air travel is usually a unique experience, that awakens various sensations in the passengers. It is this transport that has historically been involved in various myths and secrets when moving in heights. Recently, it is in social networks where they try to reveal the deepest concerns about it, and they are the workers themselves aerial who clear up doubts and confirm as many other pieces of information, as well as tell unimaginable details. brenda ears is a stewardess who decided to issue a warning to passengers about dthe place on the aircraft to be avoided due to the great dirt it accumulates.

Social networks have become the virtual place where various situations that occur in the world are disclosed. An item exploited in this medium is the exposure of various unknown data about some of the most common jobs. A great place here they have the hostesses who do not hesitate to reveal some air “secrets”. Brenda Orelus is a prominent TikTok figure if you are talking about this, and it was she who warned her millions of followers about being careful.

Planes have secret places, only suitable for crew and pilots (Photo: Pixabay)

“Did you know that seat back pockets are the dirtiest surface on the plane?”the American stewardess asked her followers, in the last video she shared on social networks. “They are dirtier than sinks, they are dirtier than seat cushions and they are dirtier than trays”detailed the woman, who also pointed out that this sector is never cleaned, unless someone has vomited or dumped something inside.

Stewardess reveals the dirtiest place on the plane

Likewise, he stressed that the cleaning in this compartment of the seats is merely superficial, unlike other sectors of transport, as is the bathroom, which is frequently disinfected. In this way, he issued a warning to future travelers, since this site is very useful at the time of arranging the belongings, a book, the computer or the cell phone are placed there and unbeknownst to the owner, they become worrying carriers of germs.

Frequent travelers did not hesitate to comment on the publication, with some horror and bewilderment. “I didn’t need to know this, I fly a lot, disgusting”; “I usually put my phone there”; “Luckily, the only thing I touch on the plane is the seat belt” and “This is so true! I once saw a parent put a used diaper in the back pocket of the seat.” were some of the words left before the surprising revelation.

But it’s not just bad news that Brenda Orelus gives, but also seeks to help future passengers avoid awkward situations during their flight. In this line, she revealed that the best moment to use the bathroom on the trip is when the corridors are free. This point is addressed to those people who think that the moment in which the hostesses carry out the food service is the correct one to get up from their seats, on the contrary, it isIf this is done, they will be “trapped” at the end of the corridor, which is detrimental to everyone.

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