A tourist had an alarming surprise when she returned from a trip: she found 18 live scorpions in her suitcase

A woman from Austria returned home after spending a vacation in croatia and found in the suitcase, among the summer dresses and bikinis, the unpleasant presence of none other than 18 scorpions. The arachnids found in the luggage were a female of several centimeters, and a group of about 17 much smaller ones, which were apparently newborns.

After discovering these unusual intruders, the Austrian tourist contacted an animal shelter that promised to relocate the vermin back to their original habitat on Croatian territory.

the lady who found the scorpions while unpacking is an inhabitant of the town of nattenbarch, in the region of Upper Austria, near the city of Linz. First of all, she called the nearest Animal Help office. Then, a group of rescuers moved the family of arachnids to an animal shelter in Linz.

About 18 scorpions were discovered in the suitcase of an Austrian tourist who traveled to CroatiaNew York Post

In a short time, the employees of that place plan to return these poisonous animals to their place of origin. “As soon as the opportunity arises, for example, when one of the young people from the shelter goes on vacation to CroatiaHe is going to take them with him to release them there again, ”said one of the managers of the animal shelter to the local media Upper Austria News.

In the shelter they also stressed that the woman who called the protectionists did the right thing. They warned that under no circumstances is it advisable to release the scorpions outside their country of origin. “With the current temperatures, the animals could probably multiply well, but they don’t belong here,” he said. rescuer.

The woman who found the scorpions in the suitcase immediately called an animal shelter in her country.
The woman who found the scorpions in the suitcase immediately called an animal shelter in her country.New York Post

As for whether the scorpions found in the suitcase could be dangerous for the tourist who unintentionally transported them, the shelter employee pointed out that the problem occurs only “if the woman is allergic”. “Most of the bites of the scorpions They are similar to those of a wasp. Normally, there is a swelling and nothing else. But, in the case of allergies, the bite can become critical. If the person feels unwell, or dizzy, they should definitely see a doctor, the shelter said.

The aforementioned Austrian media also pointed out that there are more and more cases of species that travel to another habitat as “stowaways”, accidentally carried in the luggage of vacationers or travelers of all kinds. A few days ago, the news appeared in the newspapers of that country that they had found a scorpion in an apartment, also apparently from Croatiawhere the homeowner had been a few weeks ago.

The scorpions are arachnids which are characterized by having a segmented curved tail that ends with a sharp poisonous stinger. With an elongated shape, this animal has a pair of grasping pincers at the front.

The scorpion and its young will be returned to their original habitat, in Croatia
The scorpion and its young will be returned to their original habitat, in CroatiaNew York Post

Scorpions, also known as scorpions, are characterized by a curved, segmented tail with a venomous stinger at the rear of the body and a pair of grasping pincers at the front. They can be found in various habitats, although they are more common and diverse in desert and hot areas.

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