Abel Pintos’ son suffered a domestic accident and had to be treated urgently

Abel Pintos’ son suffered a domestic accident and had to be treated urgently

Everything was joy for a family Sunday that was like any other in Resistencia, Chaco, the city where Abel Pintos and his family, his wife Calabrian blackberry and his sons, Wilhelmina -her daughter from a previous marriage- and AgustinThe couple’s one-year-old son has settled since mid-2020. She is a native of those lands and both wanted the boys to grow up in a family environment.

“What to tell you about this Sunday? Family, sun, the team of my loves plays and you give all your love to One more time and reaches a millionThe musician wrote on his Twitter account when the day started, happy because the video clip of his song, starring Agustina Cherri, reached a million views on YouTube. This year has been very special for the performer who performed 31 sold-out concert nights at the Teatro Ópera Orbis. Now, he is preparing to start a tour with dates announced for Rosario, Córdoba and Mar del Plata, among other cities that will be announced soon, but until that happens, he plans to rest with his affections.

That was how, active as never before in his social networks, the Bahiense shared a fun video together with his son, one year and ten months old. “Go wash your legs,” she wrote next to the clip in which she jokes with the boy while they both laugh. A beautiful family moment that hours later would be overshadowed by a medical emergency.

In his networks, the singer reassured his followers about the state of health of Agustín (@abelpintos)

“We had a home accident and we ended up in the Resistencia pediatric hospital”assured the interpreter in a brief announcement on networks. Bringing peace of mind to his millions of followers, he continued: “I want to thank you with everything my heart to the staff who with absolute speed and love attended Agus and held us in anguish. Thanks. We are now home and Agus is fine”.

The scare had already passed and although it was not specified what happened to the baby, the comments multiplied with different episodes of home accidents that other families had, something that can happen during the first years of life and becomes more common than expected.

Abel Pintos and his young son, Agustín
Abel Pintos and his young son, Agustín

Proud of his son’s growth, a few days ago the singer revealed that his son added a new word to his repertoire. “Agustin said ‘mate’. We already won”he tweeted alongside a red heart emoji. This fact did not go unnoticed among his more than one and a half million followers who reacted with tender dedications.

With a career spanning more than 26 years, Abel is one of the most important artists on the Argentine music scene today.. He released 13 albums that earned him multiple awards: three Gold records (One hundred years, The key, The family celebrates loudly), a platinum album (Revolution)two double platinum albums (11, single)a Quintuple Platinum (Golden dream) and a diamond record (Abel).

For his new song, a ballad faithful to his style, he decided to put the body and appears with an unrecognizable look in this original video clip directed by Guido Adler and Lautaro Esposito which has the participation of the renowned actress. It lasts approximately 4 minutes and can be seen through the YouTube platform.

In the story, Abel plays a doll that Agustina buys so she doesn’t feel so alone at home. In this way, the popular singer shows his acting talent, hitherto unknown.

The unrecognizable look of Abel Pintos in his new video clip with Agustina Cherri
The unrecognizable look of Abel Pintos in his new video clip with Agustina Cherri


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