Actors who were denounced for abuse in Hollywood

Such as Johnny DeppThere are countless actors who were denounced for abuse in Hollywood. Not only within the workplace, as has happened, unfortunately, on countless occasions, but also in the privacy of his personal life.

After the #MeToo movement was unleashed in Hollywood, which was also replicated around the world under its different slogans, women put fear aside to confront their abusers and reveal their experiences.

They could no longer remain silent. The world had to know that things in Hollywood were not as bright as they imagined.

movie stars like Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Megan Fox, among many others, they decided to tell their stories and how they had to go through situations of harassment when entering the industry.

the judgment of Johnny Depp and his ex, Amber Heard, brought these stories to the fore. In this case, the actor won, as it was shown that he was not guilty, but in many cases this is not the case.

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After being accused of physical and emotional violence pOn the part of the actress, the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean was questioned under the magnifying glass of justice.

Actors who were denounced for abuse in Hollywood

From James Franco to Chris Noth, men in Hollywood have been singled out for their unscrupulous actions for years.

Many of the cases have not yet been addressed by the justice system, so there are still no judicial details.

Others of them have even already been sentenced to years in prison and some are serving their sentence behind bars. In this section, we will review some of the cases that most resonated among the great stars of art.

kevin spacey

The protagonist of House of Cards was accused by two men of having been victims of sexual abuse while they were still minors. The cases occurred in the 1980s, when the young men were just teenagers and Spacey was in his 20s.

One of them is the actor Anthony Rapp, whose complaint they request to be dismissed for considering his accusations false.

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According to Spacey’s lawyers, “the accusation cannot be considered sexual abuse under New York law, since the only brush he had with Rapp occurred when he was getting up.”

And he added that the then 14-year-old teenager did not encounter any resistance during the episode, which, they say, lasted less than 30 seconds.

In both cases, the stories agree that the actor abused them in his apartment. However, the actor has not been convicted.

harvey weinstein

Without a doubt, Harvey’s case was the most famous in Hollywood. The producer is serving his sentence in jail after being convicted of sexual offenses between 2004 and 2013 in Los Angeles.

The former producer was sentenced in New York to 23 years in prison in March 2020 for two cases of abuse, although more than 90 women have reported him.

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As was known in the latest news about the case, the producer could add 140 years in prison with his accumulated sentences.

Marilyn Manson

In total, four women denounced the singer for sexual, physical and psychological abuse. However, one of them was dismissed late last year because she exceeded the statute of limitations.

Meanwhile, three other women denounced him: his former assistant and the actresses Esmé Bianco and Evan Rachel Wood. Each of them told details of her relationship with the musician, alleging that they were manipulated to sustain that situation and submit to the violence inflicted by the artist.

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The complainants recounted extreme situations with Manson, from his torture room to sequences in which they were chased by the musician with an axe. Bianco referred to the use of drugs, force and threats repeatedly to force her to perform sexual acts.

bill cosby

The comedian spent more than two years behind bars after being accused of sexual assault. However, he never admitted his guilt and, after being released, he thanked the public who supported him during the penalty process.

The actor always stressed that their sexual relations were consensual. In 2005, under oath, the actor admitted to having bought drugs to supply to women in order to have “consensual” sexual relations with them. At that time, a district attorney reached an agreement that allowed the actor not to be prosecuted.

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However, the case was reopened in 2015 and the actor was accused of sexual abuse. In 2018, before the #MeToo movement, he was found guilty on three counts (penetration without consent, penetration while unconscious, and penetration after administering a drug).

In total, there were more than 60 women who accused Cosby of having sexually abused them during 1960 and 2000. However, the cases did not prosper because they had prescribed.

James Franco

The actor joins the actors who were denounced for abuse in Hollywood. Franco was accused by former students of his theater school during 2020, when they alleged that they were manipulated, tricked and forced to perform nude.

The complainants Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal disclosed their experiences during the course of the actor. They explained that they assumed that the workshop, called “Sexual Scenes”, was about how to deal with such sequences in a professional context.

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The truth is that “what they made us do was undress, interpret the increasingly explicit sexual scenes without complaining”.

Although the actor denied the accusations, he decided to reach a millionaire agreement that was around 2 million dollars with the complainants. Since then, the actor decided to move away from public life.

chris noth

Mr. Big from Sex and the City came as something of a surprise last year when, in the midst of And Just Like That’s release, he was accused of rape.

The actor was accused by three women of being sexually abused by him during 2004 and 2015. It was in different circumstances that the complainants decided to tell their story to different North American media.

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And, despite the fact that they have not yet started the legal process against the actor, his professional life was immediately affected. He was removed from his series The Equalizer, plus he didn’t make his appearance in the And Just Like That finale as planned.

cocked hammer

The actor was not only accused of sadistic and explicit sexual messages sent to several women, but he was also accused of cannibalism. It was during 2020 that Hammer entered the blacklist of Hollywood actors.

Rumors of the actor’s cannibalistic tendencies had resonated strongly with his colleagues and the public. However, he was later accused by several women of being harassed by explicit messages from the actor with sexual and sadomasochistic tendencies.

He was also publicly accused of raping a woman named Effie Angelova. She stated that the actor had forced her to have sex against her will for four hours in 2017. She even added that she feared for her life.

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Hammer spent 9 months in rehab during 2021. After being released at the end of that year, his attorney stated that he was out of the facility and doing great.

The Call Me By Your Name actor is currently facing a police investigation into allegations of assault and abuse that Hammer has not admitted.


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