Adrián Suar met again with Mirtha Legrand and assured that the return of the diva to El Trece is on track

Mirtha Legrand and Adrián Suar talked about the diva’s return to El Trece (Telenoche)

The novel for the return of Mirtha Legrand on the small screen seems to be coming to an end. After the last program of 2021 with his granddaughter Juana Viale in The thirteenSpeculation arose about when and where the cycle would return, with its two versions, on Saturday night and Sunday lunch. Since then, he recognized the differences for his continuity on the Constitución channel and other options began to appear to give rise to his unwavering desire to return to work.

But everything seems to be approaching a happy ending in which Mirtha will not change the station, according to what she has expressed in the last hours Adrian Suarprogramming manager of El Trece on a mobile with Telenoche. “Is Mirtha back?” he asked. diego leuco. “I think so, on our part today the corrections of the contract were sent and we hope that tomorrow morning it will be finished. That is the whole truth,” said the producer, adding that the return it would be in September without a precise date and that the idea is to replicate the same scheme for Saturday night and Sunday at noon.

“With Juana or without Juana?”, he asked. Luciana Geuna. “With Juana and with Mirtha, with both,” Suar replied bluntly, but it seemed insufficient. “We want to know everything,” they insisted from the floor. “If they stay a while longer they ask Chiquita”offered the manager in the previous to a function for the press of Piaf, the musical with elena roger who returns for twelve weeks to Lyceum Theater and of which Suar is in charge of the production.

Mirtha Legrand with Adrián Suar and Carlos Rottemberg at the premiere of Piaf (Credit: RS Photos)

Indeed, after a while Mirtha Legrand arrived and did not want to take anything for granted. “It’s not solved yet guys. Adrián says yes but there is someone else he has to convince”, he stated in relation to his grandson, nacho avenuegeneral producer of its programs. Asked if the claims were very high, she ironized. “I have no idea how much I earn,” she said in line with what they have been saying in recent days.

“I want to go back to work, of course,” said Mirthawho revealed that lately she does not talk much with Juana because she is “on a trip” although she confirmed that her granddaughter would go on Sundays at noon and she on Saturday nights. And he gave a mime to Suar who listened attentively next to her: “In El Trece I feel very comfortable because they are very loving to me, they always support me and encourage me. You have a rating, they congratulate you, you don’t have one and they don’t tell you anything.”She closed hopefully while waiting for her grandson’s final answer and to be able to return in the spring to reconnect with her audience.

While waiting for all this to be resolved, and despite the bad weather in the Buenos Aires winter, the diva seems to have resumed the good rhythm of nightlife since on Saturday night, Mirtha Legrand approached the Colosseum to see a new function of The net, the work they star Florencia Peña, Coco Sily, Eduardo Blanco, César Bordón and Pablo Rago.

Mirtha Legrand spoke to the press about her possible return to television (Credit: RS Photos)
Mirtha Legrand spoke to the press about her possible return to television (Credit: RS Photos)

Mirtha arrived at the theater with Héctor Vidal Rivas. Before entering the room, she was entertained by Ariel Diwan, producer of the show, and received the warmth of the public that was just passing by. And in dialogue with Teleshow, the host specified her feelings after seeing the work.

“The actors are excellent, the work of Coco Sily is consecrating, Florencia Peña is very good in her role, the same for the rest of the cast like Eduardo Blanco and Pablo Rago”Chiqui expressed this Sunday.

“I think the scenery has never been seen in Buenos Aires and the show is up to the best seen in our country. Corina Fiorillo’s direction is spectacular for having managed all that spectacular cast, He is worthy of all praise!” remarked an exultant Mirtha.


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