Adriana Aguirre confessed an incipient romance with a famous ragpicker 45 years younger

Adriana Aguirre would be dating a renowned 25-year-old ragpicker (Video: “The afternoon of Nine”)

Since he parted ways with Ricardo Garcia, adriana aguirre He did not make any couple official. Although she had some sporadic relationships, just in the last few hours she recognized a romance that surprised everyone, although she did not want to give many details about it.

It all started when she was invited to The afternoon of the Nine (The Nine), the program they lead Thomas Dente Y Pia Slapka. Seeing that the exvedette’s cell phone was ringing, the model asked: “Who is calling you.” “The person you are imagining is calling me. He insists and this phone unlocks itself even if I remove the sound, “revealed the actress.

And he detailed, at the insistence of the driver: “His name is Francisco, they call him Paco. I call him Paquito or Paquirri. He calls me Adri or Adru”. Meanwhile, he admitted his age difference with his suitor: “He is young, he is much younger than me….he’s 25 years old. If we do it, we’re going to do it right! It’s fantasticI’m fine too, look. My skin or a muscle does not move, I have everything in its place”. “It is a new, different experience, I have never dated such a young boy. It is a huge difference, it is a question of elevation: more elevation at a certain age, a little less at another, ”she commented with a smile. And she closed: “I’m a total teenager.”

The truth is that, after these statements, all eyes were on loving pacothe ragpicker who built a duo with Ca7riel that revolutionized social networks. Just in March, Adriana had been the protagonist of the video clip of “God pay”the song that marked the return of rappers to music, and in which she appears in plan “sugar mommy”.

Adriana Aguirre stars in the new video clip by Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso

Good night friends!!! Did you see the video clip?? Thanks for so many messages, to all the media that raised it and for making Paco Amoroso, Ca7riel and me a trend on Twitter!!!”, Aguirre had celebrated on that occasion in his account of InstagramAt the same time, he shared the link to his followers so that they can get to know the new creation of this mutant duo that uses both hip-hop, rock, electronica, pop and much more, in a multifaceted stew.

Just after having released it, Ricardo García’s ex had also announced the premiere of the clip, with another message: “I want to invite you to watch this brutal video clip that I was invited to participate in, it premiered a couple of hours ago… ‘Paga Dios’, by the geniuses and talented Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso! The result is great and we had a great time recording it!” said the actress, who at the same time took the opportunity to thank Juanita, the director of the video clip; the production team of the same, but also the make-up artist, assistants and also the other senior actors who star in this micro-story that takes place in a mansion.

It is not the first time that Ca7riel and Paco have featured a famous actor in one of their videos. Among their collection of songs, they have the hit “OUKE”, the one that has a chorus that says “Smoking flowers with Lamothe”.The ex-protagonist of the 1-5/18besides, it’s in the clip. “And well, we were smoking joint with Esteban and we had to do a song. When you make music, people also expect something from you. We take it into account, give them what they are expecting from us. And that comes into play when you write something. That was our first moment where people got to know us a little more”, Amoroso had told teleshow in November 2019.


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