Adriana Aguirre confirmed her romance with a renowned ragpicker: “I never went out with such a young boy”

For the video clip of “Paga Dios”, the duo of ragpickers made up of Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso they hired the acting services of Adriana Aguirrehowever, no one could have imagined at the time that, months later, the media would start an unexpected romance with one of them.

This was confirmed by Adriana Aguirre herself, who until now had not aired any romance after his resounding separation from Ricardo García.

On his way through the afternoon of the ninthon the screen of El Nueve, and before the repeated calls she received during the program, the actress was consulted by the host Pía Slapka: “I was listening throughout the contest to a phone that rings, who is calling you?”.

Capture of “Paga Dios”, a video clip by Paco Amoroso and Ca7riel, in which Adriana Aguirre participates@pacoamoroso

“The person you are imagining is calling me. He insists and this phone unlocks itself even if I remove the sound, “the media responded with a smile. The driver asked for her cell phone to talk to the new couple, but the guest refused and at her insistence revealed: “His name is Francisco, they call him Paco. I call him Paquito or Paquirri. He calls me Adri or Adru”.

Adriana Aguirre talked about her new partner of 25 years known as Paco Amoroso

Young man, huh. Twenty five years. It’s fantastic, I tell you. I am very well too. My skin doesn’t move, a muscle doesn’t move”, explained Adriana Aguirre, faithful to her style, without hesitation in the language before the surprise of the guests and drivers.

It is a new experience, it is a different experience. I’ve never dated a guy so young.”. The host asked her what the difference was between a younger man and another closer to her age, and the former vedette said with a smile: “Huge, it’s a matter of elevation. You have more lift at one age and less at another.”

The mischievous photo that Ca7riel shared on her Instagram with Paco Amoroso and the mention of Adriana Aguirre

Given Aguirre’s statements raised by the local media, all eyes were directed to the ragpicker Paco Amoroso, whom he had met months ago. This Tuesday, before the viralization of the news, Ca7riel uploaded a story to his personal Instagram account in which he sees Paco Amoroso smiling in front of the cell phone and tagged the actress.

“Paga Dios”, video clip by Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso in which Adriana Aguirre participates

It should be noted that the duo of ragpickers became known in the musical environment for their paste “Ouke”, in which Esteban Lamothe was invited to perform and from that moment on, they consolidated as representatives of the genre in the urban music scene.

This year, after a period of inactivity in their careers, they premiered “Paga Dios” and invited Adriana Aguirre to act as partner of Paco Amoroso. In the fragment, in which they have fun in a pool and later at a party, the brand new couple kisses romantically in the sunlight.

Good night friends! Did you see the video clip? Thank you for so many messages, to all the media that raised it and for making Paco Amoroso, Ca7riel and me a trend on Twitter!”, Adriana Aguirre had written at the beginning of the year on her personal Instagram account, after being in the news for her participation in the music video.

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