Adventure trips with the whole family

Sunday, September 04, 2022 | 0:00 a.m.

Family travel is a purpose that many have. Getting to know the country and the continent on board a vehicle, knowing more about the customs and traditions of each place, simply to enjoy the adventure, is a latent desire. In Jardín América, two families – one from Tierra del Fuego and the other from Buenos Aires – They are visiting but also passing through, because they intend to continue traveling to many destinations.

Fabricio Gorosito and Elizabeth Salazar. Photo: ESTEBAN GONZÁLEZ

From Ushuaia to Alaska

The family made up of Fabricio Gorosito and Elizabeth Salazar, Xiomara and Olivia Gorosito came from Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, on a journey that began in the south of the country and they have the hope of connecting Ushuaia with Alaska, United States.

Fabricio took the floor and recounted how they began the journey: “We left on December 21, 2020, originally seven of us left, along with my wife, daughters, my brothers and sister-in-law. When we arrived in Villa María, Córdoba, it was my niece’s 15th birthday, we came back by plane and I came back with my wife and daughters, because the others got a good job in our province”. He specified that the reason for traveling was because his father always had that desire, but he could not specify it. “Both my parents and my in-laws are no longer here, we left with only 2,000 pesos and here we are in Misiones.”

He also commented that they let themselves be carried away by what they find in each place, because each place has its particularity, the detail that distinguishes it and also marks the culture and commitment of the population. He even said that the residents of Jardín América are very good, they get close, chat without knowing each other and that is not the same in other places. Although they already know the Falls, they want to return because it is an unmissable place, then they plan to cross to Paraguay and continue through Brazil and North America.

The couple’s daughters attend classes at Jardín América, while their parents sell handicrafts for financial support. “First we started with a pochoclera, then other travelers taught us how to make bracelets, handmade incense sticks, we have crystals that we collect from the provinces that we have already visited, we learned how to work them and we collect them to sell,” she said.

The man from Fuegian stated that the dream is to connect Ushuaia with Alaska, they proposed to do it in two or three years but the circumstances meant that they are still located on Argentine soil. The project is to travel, especially so that the girls can get to know each place.

Leonardo Gonzalez and Laura Ibanez. Photo: ESTEBAN GONZÁLEZ

Thinking about the benefits and difficulties, he said that it depends on each person whether or not there are bad times, because when traveling you learn to overcome any obstacle. “We were left lying on the road without a clutch twice, but thanks to that I learned about mechanics, I know how to disassemble and assemble a bus engine and before that I didn’t even know how to fix a motorcycle wheel, so the important thing is to have good energy. We left with little money, we have already covered more than 15,000 kilometers, we have to be prepared for everything, difficulties arise along the way and it is up to you how to face them”.

enter the mainland

Another family that also travels the country is the one made up of Leonardo González, his wife Laura Ibáñez and their daughter Serena González, from El Palomar, Buenos Aires. They wanted to get out of the routine and that is why they made the decision to embark on the journey that began in January 2019.

The coronavirus pandemic happened to them in Bolivia. “It did not harm us so much, we were in a very quiet and beautiful town, we had a great time because it was a field, there was no isolation because there were very few of us in the place and we did not suffer from the confinement,” Leonardo said. Laura said that before the trip they were merchants in Buenos Aires, they had stores where they sold clothes and she did not particularly suffer from this job because she loves fashion. Now both are dedicated to the sale of handicrafts, they offer their products. The rhythm of life in terms of sales changed because they decide at what time of the day to start and end.

They want to know all of America, they have already arrived in Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. As for the return to Argentina, it was because they had to carry out some procedures and now they want to travel again until they reach the north of the continent. For them, the important thing is that they can be together 24 hours a day, there is no need to think about working hours. “In everyday life we ​​do not have great difficulties, something minimal is the issue of washing clothes or drying them, because just as we say that we have the best patio -since sometimes you have to wake up next to a beach or a mountain- it is a place of all, then there is no private sector to be able to dry the clothes that were put to wash”, said Laura. The beauty of knowing the essence of each place, being able to learn from other customs and cultures is something that attracts the Buenos Aires family. Today they prefer the town, because people are more “understandable, attentive, calm, what is done goes from the heart and there is greater solidarity,” they affirmed.

To close, Leonardo highlighted: “You always have to go after dreams, they ask us if traveling is the best life and I don’t think it is, it depends on each one, me and my family love this life, but other people like to read or write or do another activity and I think that’s where the issue is. You have to focus on what you like and that each one go for their dream, that would be my advice, “he concluded.

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