After the agreement with Rodrigo de Paul, Camila Homs came into conflict with her lawyer

By means of this, you are informed and notified, that having been summoned to sponsor Ms. Camila Homs, in the legal claim against Mr. Rodrigo de Paul, for the items of Economic Compensation, Food and Communication Regime and Personal Care, after the hearings of Prior and Compulsory Mediation were carried out and the lawsuit filed before the Civil Court No. 106 of the Nation, on Sunday, July 31 at night, I contacted Mrs. Homs and informed me that Mr. De Paul would have agreed to the claim put forward by this party in the Mediation hearings, a claim that was very distant from the one he had reached with his previous lawyer and that in this case satisfied the claims of Mrs. Homs and his family,” the writing says.


“In this context, on Monday morning I met with Mrs. Homs to sign documentation and finalize the terms of the agreement. Thus, in the afternoon, I received a phone call from Mrs. Homs indicating that both she and Mr. De Paul refused to pay my professional fees, which were agreed through the corresponding Fee Agreement governed by Law 27,423, signed on 06/14/2022”, adds the statement.

And continues: “Given this circumstance, on August 2, 2022, I received a document letter from Mrs. Homs, where in use of her constitutional right to choose her sponsoring attorney, she revokes my character as attorney and intends to annul the agreement of fees signed, alleging false circumstances and showing anger at the media repercussion that his cause generated in the media”.


Rodrigo de Paul spoke like never before about Tini Stoessel and her separation from Camila Homs

Since Madrid, Rodrigo dePaul talked with America News Noon about his courtship with Tini Stoessel and clarified how the relationship with his ex-partner is, Camila Homsmother of her two children, Francesca Y Baptist.

“We are fine, happy. Many wrong things were said, lies that have no basis. I hope we continue like this, we are fine”, iindicated the footballer about his romance with the singer.

And he remarked on the beginning of his romance with tini: “What I say is because there is support behind it. When Cami was pregnant we were in a pandemic and I did not know Tini, things that can be verified, she did not set foot in Italy and I did not set foot in Argentina.”

On the link with his ex, meanwhile, he clarified: “With Camila we parted on good terms, they look for a curiosity but all couples separate. There is an economic issue that we both decided to take to someone who knows about the subject. We wanted to maintain a good relationship for our children.”

“We both started to rebuild our lives and it was a super normal separation. She is with a boy who went to Bautista’s birthday, my family was there and super good. It is a separation, there is a lawsuit and nothing more. The relationship between us in well, we don’t get along badly at all, he rebuilt his life and I’m rebuilding mine”, added Rodrigo dePaul.


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