after the controversy, there are already 230 registered local providers «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

After the correction of the maximum rates of the local hotel industry as a result of the controversy generated with the businessmen of the sector, about 230 tourism providers from Mar del Plata signed up to participate in the third edition of the Previaje program, which will be implemented between October and november.

The noise surrounding the launch of Previaje 3 seems to have been left behind and in recent days travel agencies, lodging providers, flights and long-distance buses signed up to participate in this new edition that includes, for travelers, benefits for a $5,000 minimum and $70,000 maximum per person.

Still, however, registration has not been opened for those who are planning their trip. “Soon you will be able to register, buy and upload your vouchers,” communicates the Previaje website.

Settled the controversy over the maximum rates, the president of the Gastronomic Hotel Business Association of Mar del Plata, Jesús Osorno, confirmed that, with the new values, the city’s establishments will be registered in Previaje 3.

It should be remembered that the Association raised its voice as soon as the original price list was released, which included much lower values ​​for local hotels than those of other tourist destinations.

The municipal government and different actors of Mar del Plata politics bowed to the criticism of the hotel industry. Hours later, the national government agreed to raise the maximum rates and published a new updated list.

The head of the Hotel Association stated that “it was a joint effort” of the city. He highlighted the support “of all hotel colleagues”, of the president of the Municipal Tourism Entity (Emtur), Bernardo Martín, and the fact that the media have “echoed” the proposal. “I think it’s everyone’s merit,” he stressed.

Thus, in the last 72 hours around 60 hotel establishments and other accommodation providers in the city signed up and were enrolled in the program of the Ministry of Tourism.

At the same time, some 130 travel agencies also completed the registration form and participate in this limited edition of Previaje to promote tourism in the country before the summer season.

Eight transport companies, four car rental agencies and a camping site, among others, also joined the Program.

New maximum rates

With the correction made by the national government as a result of the questions raised by the Mar del Plata hoteliers, the new maximum rates established for the third edition of the Previaje program, which will be implemented between October and November, are now official.

Thus, a night in a 1 and 2-star hotel, whose ceiling had initially been set at $4,918, went to $7,701. For three-star hotels, the maximum rate rose from $7,999 to $12,269; for those with four, from $12,738 to $17,356, and for those with five, from $25,101 to $33,531.

In this way, the prices were equal to (in some cases even above) those that were established for other destinations in the province of Buenos Aires.

How to take part?

In the next few days, registration will be opened for travelers who wish to take advantage of the benefits of Previaje between October and December.

To do so, six steps must be followed. In the first place, the user must make sure that the provider from whom he will buy the tourist service is registered in the program and verify what the benefit limit is.

Secondly, you must register with the Mi Argentina Level 3 account with biometric data validation.
Then you must “create the trip”, indicating origin, destination, date of departure and return, among other data.
After this step, the accommodation reservation vouchers, bus tickets and air tickets, among others, must be uploaded.

Once the vouchers are validated, the benefit amount will appear on the profile. And before starting the trip, the user will receive the Pre-travel card at home. Said card can be used from the date of the trip in the entire tourist chain of the country until December 31, 2022.

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