Agustín Almendra’s decision that fell like a bomb in Boca

After the dismissal of Sebastián Battaglia, it was believed that one of the “beneficiaries” of the situation in Mouth would Augustine Almond. In February of this year, the youth had a strong rudeness against the former DT, who has removed him from the team since then. With the assumption of Hugo Ibarra, the 22-year-old was going to be reincorporated into the Primera squad after a spell at Xeneize. However, he made a decision that fell like a bucket of cold water on the Football Council.

According to Julio Pavoni, Almond informed the leadership of Mouth who rejected the offer to renew his contract, which expires in July 2023. In addition, the youth intends to be sold in this pass market so as not to leave with the pass in his possession.

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