Aislinn Derbez confessed that her character in “What is karma’s fault?” helped her empathize with her sister

The film will be available on Netflix starting next Wednesday, August 3. (Instagram photo: @aislinnderbez)

There are only a few days left until the big premiere of What fault is karma?a new romantic comedy starring Aislinn Derbez, Renata Notni, Gil Cerezo and Giouseppe Gamba. On the occasion of the launch, the renowned Mexican performer and Miriam Chi Chim -a young promise in the world of acting- gave an interview to Infobae Mexico where they delved into their characters and the acting debut of the member of A gift.

It was during said intervention where Eugenio Derbez’s eldest daughter confessed that playing Sarah was very valuable because it not only allowed experience life from the perspective of a woman going through difficult times what directly related to the “success” that his sister has Lucy -paper developed by Renata Notni-, also It served to empathize in a certain way with the complicated situation he faced Michelle Aguilerahis consanguineous.

“It was very nice because it reminded me a little of the relationship with my sister, what the relationship was like before, when we were younger, with my sister who is now my best friend, my partner, we are close and at some point in our past she felt the same as my character feels”, he counted.

the protagonist of Tomorrow morning (2019) confessed that several years ago Michelle felt uncomfortable with her public image. It is worth mentioning that Aislinn has attracted media attention since she was a child due to her recognized father and her famous grandmother, Silvia Derbez.

She didn’t know how to deal with this part of me where I have this very public life and it seems perfect sometimes and it’s really not.”, he commented.

The fact that we were healing many things, opening up a lot and having a great friendship has made us strengthen our relationship a lot, very similar to what happens in the movie.

Aislinn Derbez hinted that she managed to smooth things over with her sister and they currently have a close relationship full of love and empathy. For that reason, he considers that Sarah allowed him to learn a little more about how his Michelle felt at the time: “For me this film is something very beautiful and very deep because it does remind me a lot of what happened to me with my sister and I was able to walk in my sister’s shoes when I was younger”.

The actress pointed out that What fault is karma? has a courageous message that he hopes will reach the public: “My challenge was to be able to achieve that, despite the fact that it is a romantic comedy that sometimes people can interpret as something more superficial, that it finally has a message, that it has meat, that it the character is really going through this deep frustration that is happening to him and understand why that is happening to him”, he commented.

The Kinki member has a torrid affair with Majo Aguilar, Ángela Aguilar's cousin.  (Photo: Instagram/@gilcerezo)
The Kinki member has a torrid affair with Majo Aguilar, Ángela Aguilar’s cousin. (Photo: Instagram/@gilcerezo)

The 36-year-old interpreter commented that working with the singer was a unique experience, because in addition to the tranquility and friendliness that she squandered on the recording set, she managed to convey her character naturally.

I loved being able to live with Gilto be able to know him, to be able to know this facet of him. He had never acted before so it was a huge find and I love it because he has such an amazing attitude, he’s very transparent. What I appreciated the most about him is this transparency and he has an enormous ability to be himself on camera, which for me is one of the most difficult things there is.”, he commented.

He was never afraid of him, he never felt insecure, he never felt threatened for not being an actor and that the rest of us were, on the contrary, he took it from a very beautiful empowerment, he is also very funny, he has an incredible sense of humor.


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