Alberto Olmedo’s son asks for money in exchange for giving notes about his father: “No one wants to pay anything”

Alberto Olmedo’s son asks for money in exchange for giving notes about his father (Video: Ciudad Magazine)

Albert Olmedoson of the remembered albert and of Nancy Herrerawas born seven months after the tragic death of his father, which occurred in the city of Mar del Plata on March 5, 1988. For this reason, his word is among the most required whenever a special anniversary is approaching or simply to remember the figure and the genius of the great Argentine comedian. Last Wednesday the 24th a new anniversary of the Rosario’s birth was commemorated, but this time Albertito decided to put conditions on the media.

“Good day people. How are you doing? Today, August 24, dad’s birthday so we celebrate. Today they called me from three air channels and four radio stations, but I don’t appear on any of them, notice”, Olmedo said in a short video that he published on his TikTok profile, a social network in which he is very active generating content from his misadventures as a delivery.

“I made the decision to ask for a little money. To give you an idea, I ordered a tank of gasoline, nothing crazy. They all disappear, huh? All. Nobody wants to pay anything. So this round no, no, no… No, no, nooo”, he said and gave the reasons why he refused to speak on this anniversary.

“I made the decision to ask for a little money. To give you an idea, I asked for a tank of gasoline, nothing crazy,” said Albertito Olmedo

In very morning (Ciudad Magazine) broadcast the video in question and carmen barbieri He went to the intersection because of the young man’s attitude. “For me, to be remembered is to keep it alive in memory, with love,” said the host of the cycle.

“If I have to defend Albertito, it is because he did not know his father. Alberto died when his mother, Nancy, was pregnant. Not knowing him, that affection that one has for the parents, is different”, said Carmen, wanting to somehow justify the decision made by Olmedo.

I saw a cold note referring to her dad. My son Fede is going to be angry because he loves him very much… But he seemed cold to me”, The driver then opined. “It is not necessary to have him to sell a note on one of the greatest capocómicas that Argentina had. Any of his children could have been, Mariano, Sabrina, Javier… This that was recorded, is very cold. I thought it was very cold”, closed Barbieri.

Albertito Olmedo and his resemblance to Abel Pintos (Video: TikTok)

In addition to working, Albertito makes funny short sketches on social networks, showing that he inherited his father’s artistic streak. “Passing through… to see if they recognize him, I have to go quickly because I shit”, he said in a video he published a few days ago in which he is seen on Corrientes Avenue, the one with the statue of Negro and Javier Portales, in which they play Alvarez and Borges together.

In another video for Tik Tok, where he has more than 14 thousand followers, he introduced his mother and joked: “Here I am with mom, she is competing with Mirtha Legrand in age.” In other appearances, he humorously tells people that they have to do what they like, thus responding to his haters.

At other times, he realizes the adventures he experiences in his job as a delivery man, when people take time to answer the doorbell or have to come back the next day because he couldn’t take the package to its destination. The other time, without going any further, he asked himself “why do the people on the upper floors open the door faster than the one on the ground floor?”. He also showed the step by step of how he puts together the packages until he leaves them for the buyers and another day he complained that sometimes people do not clarify in which department the delivery is and that when he calls to check, he does not attend.


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