Alejandra Maglietti was angry because Instagram censored a photo of her: “Do you think it’s such a big deal?”

Alexandra Maglietti

Alexandra Maglietti posted on her official Instagram account a photo in which she appeared lying on a bed, showing the upper part of her body. “Very Sunday?”, wrote alongside the post that quickly garnered many pleasures and comments from his 1.8 million followers.

But the panelist blessed (El Nueve) was surprised when the image was censored because “it did not comply” with the “community rules on adult sexual services” of the aforementioned social network. Very angry, the model decided to complain about this censorship.

The photo of Ale Maglietti that was removed from Instagram
The photo of Ale Maglietti that was removed from Instagram

In this way, the model published the message that the social network sent her, after deleting the image from her feed. She also recounted what had happened to her on her official Twitter account: “And finally one day Instagram censored me…. Do you think so much? I don’t know, I see very explicit photos for this to generate some kind of scandal. After the controversy, this Monday the lawyer returned to post photos in bed through Instagram, with a new message: “I’m not getting out of bed today.”

Ale Maglietti's message
Ale Maglietti’s message

It should be remembered that Flower Rock experienced a similar situation last May. The actress even had her account suspended for 48 hours. On that occasion, Instagram decided to penalize the driver and suspend her account in which she has almost six million followers, after she published a suggestive photo.

Angry at this decision, the actress dedicated part of the beginning of Monday’s broadcast of The Pu*@ Mistress (America). “Only a whore loves can suspend the Instagram with 6 sticks of followers”, he began by saying in his defense. “Guys, it’s not funny. My Instagram was suspended. Suspended! ”, She pointed out angrily and added that the social network alleged of“drawback” the content you posted that led to this forced closure. In this sense, Peña emphasized: “I tell you something: if I had incited to kill baby puppies, they would not close my account. Because ass is more annoying than being a Nazi in this country, guys. Really”, he said without hesitation.

In her program on Tuesday, Flor made reference to the fact again. First, with a choir, an ironic song that presented a cantata for six voices “as a protest”, then with a monologue already in a more serious tone and finally with the presence of the lawyers Ferdinand Mockingthat the fact represented her, Martin Leguizamoncybercrime specialist, to try to explain what had happened.

“I did not understand anything, how can it be that what happens on Instagram with other people does not bother me and it does?” the driver asked. “You were chosen, I have no doubts. People like you who have superb courage choose them to do these acts of censorship”, said Burlando. “There are families that live on Instagram. Today Florencia was worried about her life, focused on the platform, “added the lawyer. And Peña endorsed: “She had compiled eight years of stories, the birth of my children.”

After two days, the driver of The Pu*@ Mistress He reactivated his social network profile with two very different images. First, she was seen warm with a shirt and a text that in an ironic tone revealed all her anger. “I returned. In modest mood. That’s OK? So I don’t bother?”wrote the actress and received thousands of comments and reactions that followed the game.


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