Alejandro Müller warned that his cell phone was hacked: “I know they were asking for money”

Alejandro Müller was concerned (Instagram)

In recent months, many celebrities have become victims of hackers. And this time it was his turn. Alexander Egg müllerwho through their stories of Instagram alerted his followers to the situation, as they apparently cloned his phone number to request money from his contacts.

My cell phone was hacked. If you get a WhatsApp or text message from me, IT’S NOT ME!”, The actor emphasized in a first publication, making clear his concern about what happened.

Müller recounted the situation on Instagram
Müller recounted the situation on Instagram

A couple of hours later, Müller turned to his social networks again to warn how he had had to proceed after the hack.. “Important notice: I had to change my phone number. Ask me by private DM (direct message)”He wrote trying to ensure that those who had his contact could update the information and not be left at the mercy of those who had stolen his identity.

The actor was forced to change his phone number
The actor was forced to change his phone number

Finally, Alejandro showed his desperation when he found out what was happening, since apparently the criminals did not give up. “They cloned my phone. Now they are sending from other numbers pretending to be me! I am solving it. Do not respond to any strange requests, I know they were asking for money”.

They asked for money pretending to be Alejandro
They asked for money pretending to be Alejandro

A couple of weeks ago, juliet diaz He had posted a video on his Instagram to ask his followers for help after his other social network account was stolen. “Hello friends, friends, friends, could you do me a favor and report on Twitter that my account has been hacked? That’s how they close it because I don’t know who they are… well that’s it. Let’s see if I can get it back later. Thank you very much,” said the actress.

In the same way, a little less than a month ago Nicholas Cabre He decided to open an Instagram account, since there was someone who was pretending to be him. Hello people! I finally convinced myself and opened my own account. I tell you for those who don’t know, that there is a user with more than 200 thousand followers who has been pretending to be me for a long time”, The actor began in his first post. “At first it didn’t bother me. but a few weeks ago they started selling advertising and recommending products and services on my behalf. So I decided to create this account. I promise to do everything I can, ”she closed.

However, her joy was short-lived, since in less than 24 hours her friend and colleague in a woman hurts me, mercedes funes He recorded a video to explain: “I want to tell you, so that you can also help us by replicating, something about Nico Cabré’s Instagram account. Finally, yesterday he opened his Instagram account, because he had another account that wasn’t his… rather, there was someone pretending to be him, who had 270,000 followers. Then, Nico decided to open his account to be his. Question that this account that Nico Cabré opened, was hacked by this person who had these 270 thousand followers”.

In early July, meanwhile, the Instagram of Juan Minujin Y Nico Furtado He was in charge of giving the alert. “They stole Juan’s account and uploaded this fake story. Please don’t give him a ball until he tells you he got it back. Thank you”, put his partner from El Marginal. then added Paul Ragowho put: “Hello everyone. I want to warn that the account of the partner Juan Minujín was hacked. Meanwhile, the actress Nancy Duplaa He did the same by pointing out: “Everything published in Juan Minujín’s account is false. His account was hacked!”


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