Alex Caniggia won “The Hotel of the Famous” and took 10 million pesos

The last duel of the H had all the condiments that were expected in The Hotel of the Famous (eltrec). alex caniggia Y Martin Salwe They showed why they reached the final instance and starred in a final that offered no respite.

just for a few seconds, The Emperor became the first champion of the contest and took a total of 10 million pesos as a prize. “It was centimeters by centimeters, for nothing. They were the two best competitors in this contest”, highlighted Chino Leunis.

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During the celebrations, the great champion put his character aside and admitted that he is not the same person after the three months he was in the reality show – the first he managed to win in his entire television career. “This experience changed my life”exposed.

As a perfect closure of this first season, all the participants who went through the program joined the celebration. And, this time, beyond some Chicanas, the differences between the members of La Familia and Los Sanguinarios were conspicuous by their absence. Also, effusively encouraging his brother at all times from the stands, also joined Charlotte Caniggia.

Of course the presence that mattered most to the winner was that of light melodywith whom he consolidated a courtship during his stay on the program. The cameras even showed how they merged into a hug and a kiss after Caniggia received the trophy.

Alex Caniggia and Martín Salwe made peace before the final of “El Hotel de los Famosos”

Despite alex caniggia Y Martin Salwe they had had some differences throughout the competition, peace returned to reign between them at the end of their stay. The two even had an intimate conversation in which they shared praise before “the moment of truth”.

“Alex is an intelligent person who has many tools to be where he is”Salwe praised his rival. Meanwhile, the son of Claudio Paul Caniggia and Mariana Nannis returned the courtesy to the announcer: “Is a crack. She came all the way here for him.”valued.

Alex Caniggia and Martín Salwe praised each other before the grand final of "The Hotel of the Famous".  (Photo: Instagram / famous hotel)
Alex Caniggia and Martín Salwe praised each other before the grand finale of “El Hotel de los Famosos”. (Photo: Instagram / famous hotel)

That camaraderie was present again in the final when Alex Caniggia applauded whoever took second place and highlighted him as the toughest participant he faced.

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