“All inclusive”, the Colombian short that will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival

The Colombian short will compete at the Toronto Film Festival (Courtesy).

Within the framework of the next edition of the Toronto Film Festival, which will take place between September 8 and 18, in Canada, the short film “All inclusive”, by director Duván Duque Vargas, produced by Franco Lolli, who directed the The film “Litigante”, whose protagonist was the writer Carolina Sanín and managed to be part of the Critics’ Week at the Cannes Festival in 2019, will see its world premiere and will compete in the official section shortcutsdedicated to the best of the world short film.

This co-production with France tells the story of Fer, an eleven-year-old boy who travels with his father and stepmother to a hotel in the Colombian eastern plains to have a good time with his family, something they haven’t had in a long time. There, Fer’s father must start a business that can change his life forever, not necessarily for the better.

It is a moving story about a recomposed family that suffers the consequences of a duel and, at the same time, it is a sharp photograph of a society that lives trapped between appearances and that has been permeated at all levels by corruption and drug trafficking. .

“All inclusive” is, above all, an intimate short film about the mourning of the mother, inspired by the director’s own experience, who lost his mother to cancer when he was two years old. However, it is also an original approach to one of the topics most treated by Colombian cinematography, such as drug trafficking.

The angle that this short film proposes regarding the subject is singular and unexpected, since it is seen from the eyes of a child who, understanding that his father, an upper-class man from Bogota who has come down, is preparing to launder money from drug traffickers, clings to more than ever to his stepmother.

The filming took place on the outskirts of Villavicencio, during the Coleo World Cup, in order to capture the fervor of the llanera culture on those dates in the most natural way possible, with a team made up of a mixture of local talent, National and international.

After a four-month casting process, looking at hundreds of options of professional and non-professional actors, Maximiliano Rojas, Alejandra Herrera and Leopoldo Serrano were chosen as protagonists. None of the three had acted before.

Leopoldo, who plays the father, is an organic farming entrepreneur; Alejandra, who plays the stepmother, is the creator and director of Binario, a cultural space in the San Felipe neighborhood in Bogotá; and Maximiliano is a twelve-year-old boy who wants to be a trap producer and, like all children his age, he goes to school. The latter shares with the director the experience of having lost his mother just a few years ago.

The Colombian short will premiere within the framework of the 2022 Toronto Film Festival (Courtesy).
The Colombian short will premiere within the framework of the 2022 Toronto Film Festival (Courtesy).

“It is a joy to be able to premiere at a festival of the stature of Toronto, so important in the careers of many of the filmmakers who have inspired me the most. I trust that this premiere will give us a boost when it comes to taking this short to as many places as possible. That is, in the end, what completes each project for a filmmaker: to feel how your project is received by different people in different ways in different parts of the world. It is also an honor to be able to contribute in this way to the good moment that the recognition of national cinema is experiencing,” said Duque Vargas in a statement.

In his previous shorts, Duque Vargas has worked with the figure of Bogota’s upper class and has set out to portray their status. He confesses that “All inclusive” is a continuation of that project: “However, approaching this time the problem of ‘easy money’ in our society, I did not want to do it by focusing on the big names in corruption scandals or drug cartels. mafia, but in that more extensive and anonymous layer that the problem also permeates. All In is the portrait of a family that, like so many in our country, faces a moral dilemma as they struggle to stay afloat.”

Duván Duque Vargas studied film directing at the CICE school in Madrid and humanities at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. “Masmelos”, his previous short film, competed in more than 30 national and international festivals, including Guanajuato, Moscow and Vancouver. His previous works include “Paila” (best screenplay and actor in Bogoshorts), “Tumaco” and “Pasó”. He is currently writing his feature debut, delving into the themes of “All Inclusive,” and producing projects directed by other directors such as Cristina Sanchez’s “Bebé,” which recently premiered in Tribeca.

This short film completes the Colombian quota in Toronto along with the feature films “so much tenderness”, by Lina Rodriguez and “La Jauría” by Andrés Ramírez Pulido.


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