All the details inside the super party of 15 of Emma, ​​the daughter of Denise Dumas and Campi

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“It was a dream night, better than we ever could have imagined,” he said. Denise Dumas a Soonstill excited after having celebrated in a big way the birthday of 15 Emmahis daughter as a result of his relationship with fields. Inspired by the British singer Harry stylesformer band member Only one direction Of which Emma is a fan, the party brought together all the friends of the birthday girl and the entire family, who gathered at the Rufino room, in the heart of the Palermo neighborhood, to live a unique night.

Emma on her dream night
The complete family: Denise and Campi with their children Isabella, Santino, Emma and Francesca

Emma’s birthday was on August 13, the day her famous parents dedicated more than exciting words to her on their social networks, and the party arrived on Friday the 19th for 100 special guests. “We lived the 15 with great emotion, it was all divine. We did not plan to have a party because she jumps on a horse and instead of a trip or the party, Emma preferred a horse. We still decided to celebrate because after the pandemic, which became so long, we said, ‘We have to celebrate life,'” Denise said.

Emma in her dress from the beginning of the party
The birthday girl with her Harry Styles cake

How was the organization of the celebration? Dumas put it this way: “We started calmly because Emma did not want to enter, there was going to be few people and then she changed as she went and she said yes to everything: at the entrance, at the cotillion, at the food. We added things and how she loves Harry Styles Said: ‘I’m dying for a cake inspired by Harry Styles’. They made the candy with tattoos related to Harry, all in white, black and gold for the song Golden. She thought so and the air freshener was based on the same. Even at the carnival in Rio, Styles masks were handed out, which was a total surprise for Emmi because she was not expecting it.”

Denise with the Harry Styles mask

Part of the guests
Emma celebrating her 15
Denise Dumas and Campi

Regarding the look of the quinceañera, she entered in a short black dress with black gloves and sheepskin boots, which she then put on again towards the end of the party. “This is how she dressed at the reception, which had islands with different foods organized by Rufino events: picada, Mexican food island, hamburgers with fries, country food, pasta. People were coming in, Emma received them, the room was open and she went to change to make her entrance,” said the host of channel 9.

Emma put on a green dress and entered the room with her eight best friends, who were at the main table and all entered with balloons of lights prepared by the air freshener. that was very exciting“said the proud mom.

The entrance to Emma’s living room with her 8 best friends
Emma’s super entrance
the excited mom
Emma greeting her guests

Emma had her hair done by her older sister, Isabella, at the family home before going to the salon. “Isa was very involved in the organization and all the brothers lived it with great joy. Each one of them also had their guests because Isa’s friends, Santi and Fran, love Emma, ​​so they are all those who share the summers. They all danced ages all together,” Denise said.

The tables were named after Harry Styles songs and songs by him were projected on the screen. “The party was designed for her and her friends; all young people. Isabella, Francesca and Santino brought their friends and as a family we were the closest: my brother, my mother, friends who had a lot to do with Emma’s life as well how great we were very few. We enjoyed a lot, all dancing with Harry’s masks and golden things, “said Dumas.

Denise Dumas in the stand they glitter
Harry Styles masks were distributed
dancing fields

Who was the most excited at the party? Martín Campilongo, the father of the fifteen-year-old. “Martín was very excited and we gave him a surprise video of everyone sending him a greeting and telling him how much we love him. We passed some photos and Martín was the one who was most moved. He couldn’t believe seeing her like this!” exclaimed the former participant of celebrity masterchef.

As the party was on Friday the 19th and Francesca’s birthday, the youngest daughter of Dumas and Campi, started after 12 at night, so she was also surprised. “At 12 we sent Fran to make a horse cake and the whole party sang her happy birthday to her. Santi put it on her shoulders and she was very happy,” said the driver.

Francesca blew out the candles too because after 12 it was her birthday.
Francesca blew out the candles too because after 12 it was her birthday.
Dumas in her Soya dress
great family time

The room was decorated with white flowers with candles, there was a non-alcoholic drink bar for the kids and they could choose fruit drinks. “There was also a bar for adults and there we set up some living rooms to chat. We danced non-stop until 4 in the morning and Emma was so happy. She told me: ´I never expected it to be so much´. I was excited and surprised and that as a mother It fills my heart with happiness,” Denise concluded.

Emma with her dream cake, inspired by her idol Harry Styles
The guests with the photo booth
Emma in her splendor
Mom Denise and the quinceañera
Isabella, Emma’s older sister, played with glitter
Emma’s 15
Emma’s 15
Emma’s 15
Emma’s 15
Emma’s 15
Emma’s 15

By Nicholas Peralta

Photos: Kindness @carlatudancafotografia

Special thanks: Rufino events room @rufinoeventos; candy bar by Harry Styles @reinalolaeventos; setting and light balloons for the entrance @anphytrioneventos

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