All the Oscars that John Wayne did not win, a Hollywood myth despite the Academy

John Wayne was for years the great hero of America. Protagonist of the great classics of the West, the actor is a inseparable icon of the history of cinema. His performances were favored by the public, but never by the Hollywood Academy, which only gave him an Oscar in 1969.

From the moment Ringo Kidd stopped The diligenceJohn Wayne became a star. his namesake John Ford saw wood in that boy that was seen in silent westerns and turned it into the pillar on which to build his epics. Actor and director elevated cowboy movies to the status of masterpieces and gave a heroic tone to America’s nascent story.

Scene from ‘Stagecoach’

From the collaboration between both arise essential titles and memorable performances. In 1949, the invincible legion it shows a John Wayne aged to slip into the role of a cavalry captain ready to go into retirement. An interpretation celebrated by critics that was not reflected in the Academy, which that year nominated for the first time the actor for his role in bloody sandstape recounting the taking of Iwo Jima in a World War II that had just ended.

Wayne did not win the Oscar on that occasion and had to wait 19 years to be among the candidates for the statuette again. In all that time he gave life to characters of all kinds in films that were successful at the box office and are now considered classics of cinema.

In 1952 John Ford won his fourth Oscar for Best Director for The Quiet Man. The Irish fields are the setting for a film in which a tormented John Wayne conquers Maureen O’Hara and stars in one of those great kisses in the history of the seventh art. He was not nominated on that occasion.

John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in ‘The Quiet Man’

Perhaps more bizarre is the absence of a nomination for Ethan Edwards’ masterful performance in desert centaurs. which is one of the best movies in cinema history It did not have a good reception by the Hollywood Academy and it was not among the titles that competed for the coveted golden statuette that 1957. A fully mature John Wayne is transformed into Captain Ahab on horseback in search of his niece kidnapped by the Comanches . In a memorable scene, a single look from the actor serves to condense all the hatred that his character carries.

A second nomination would come to John Wayne in 1961, but not for his work as an actor, but as producer of The Alamowhich was nominated for the award for best film. He also had no luck behind the cameras and the Oscar went to Apartment by Billy Wilder.

Finally, the moment arrived at the 1970 gala. A year before, it premiered Value of lawWestern based on a novel by Charles Portis and starring a girl who hires the services of a seasoned shooter famous for his speed when it comes to shooting his targets. John Wayne got the nomination and won his Oscar for best actor. “If I had known, I would have put the patch on much earlier”He commented when collecting the award in reference to the outfit he showed on the tape. Recognized for his facet of `tough guy’, The Duke could not avoid tears when he went on stage.

John Wayne received the Oscar from Barbra StreisandGTRES

The Oscar for John Wayne served as a tribute to his entire career when the actor was already 63 years old. that acknowledgment was not endorsed with an honorary Oscar that other giants of the big screen such as James Stewart, Henry Fonda or Cary Grant did obtain. The last ignoring of the Academy to a man who made children from all over the world want to walk like him.

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