Almendra will not renew his contract with Boca: when does it expire and where does he want to continue his career

The Ribera club proposed to him to renew his bond, but the midfielder decided to look for new horizons.

“He is a heritage of the club, he is a player of Mouth and we are going to evaluate it as time goes by”, manifested Hugo Benjamin Ibarra days ago about the possibility that Augustine Almond go back to the first. However, today a piece of news was released that seems to distance the entity from La Ribera at the wheel: decided not to renew his contract with the club. Here, all the details.

The midfielder was separated from the squad in the month of February for an act of indiscipline towards Sebastián Battaglia and since then he was part of the reserve, which was directed by El Negro, current DT of the first team. However, neither the departure of León nor the presence of Ibarra changed Almendra’s decision, which, to this day, remains firm in his position.

Boca had made him a proposal to renew the link that ends in June 2023. Nevertheless, the 22 year old player replied to the Football Council that will not renew your link. As is known, it is a decision for personal and life issues, since he has the desire to go and try his luck at foreign leagues.

For its part, Juan Román Riquelme and company have one year to transfer it and thus materialize the footballer’s desire to go play abroad in search of new professional challenges, since it should be noted that At the end of the year, he will be able to negotiate with any other institution to be released in six months.


What had Ibarra said about the Almendra en Boca case

El Negro did not dodge the question about the 22-year-old player who emerged from the Xeneize inferiors and hinted that he is likely to have him in the first division squad once he has recovered from the injury that afflicts him, using a phrase very similar to the one used by Darío Benedetto a few days ago.

“Well, Agustín -as you said- is in a recovery process. That’s important, he’s getting well. He is a heritage of the club, he is a Boca player and we are going to evaluate him as time goes by.”

“The important thing is that he gets well, as soon as possible working hard as you continue to do. Of course, I had it in reserve and it has given me a lot, then nothing more than wish him a quick recovery and then we’ll talk about what you asked later”assured the new coach of Boca.

Statements by Hugo Ibarra about Almond:


Statements by Hugo Ibarra about Almond:

Benedetto and the return of Almond in Boca

“I’m fine… We may or may not agree with the Council. But if the Council decides that he comes back, we can’t do anything. We have to train.” Benedetto stated on ESPN regarding Almendra’s return (he is recovering from an injury and will join the group in the next few years).

Later, Benedetto referred to the harsh statements he made about Almendra after Sebastián Battaglia decided to separate the midfielder from the squad: “Because of the fever, I said things that I don’t know if they are right or not. I take responsibility if I said something more.”

Pipa also expressed about Almendra: “He must have learned that there are bigger players who deserve respect. He will have to adapt. But these are Council decisions.”

Benedict Almond

Benedetto, about the possibility of having a talk with Almendra

“I do not rule out a talk with him. It will be seen how we take it”, recognized Benedetto and reiterated that, beyond his opinion, they will have to accept the decisions of the Football Council: “We are employees of the club. Almendra is a heritage of the club and that is why they are within their right to upload it again”.

“I’m not going to go into details, but I still think the same thing. I never heard what happened in my career. But it’s there, that’s it…”, Benedetto closed on the Almendra situation.

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