Alone with Dakota Beavers, one of the most legendary hunters in “Predator: Prey”

Dakota Beavers plays Taabe, one of the bravest hunters in “Prey” (“Predator: the prey”), who tells Infobae about his thoughts and experiences on the film.
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The wait is over and finally the premiere of Predator: the prey in Hulu Y plus star for Latin America, with which we will have the opportunity to fill ourselves with suspense and emotion with a quality production starring the actress amber medium dogswho embodies Naru, accompanied by a brilliant cast from which stands out dakota beaverswho will debut in the cinematographic universe characterizing the older brother and protector of the young native.

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Predator: the prey It is set 300 years ago on the Comanche Nation. There lives a fierce and highly skilled young warrior named Naur, who grew up in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters to roam the great plains, and when danger threatens her camp, she sets out to protect her people. . In the end, the prey he stalks and ultimately faces turns out to be a alien predator evolved with a high-tech arsenal, creating a cruel and terrifying showdown for all.

“Predator: Prey” is the seventh installment in the “Predator” franchise and a prequel to the first six films. (Star Plus)

As for Beavers, we had a one-on-one conversation with him about his experience on this sci-fi, alien thriller. He got into the role of Taabe, one of the most daring and outstanding natives of the Comanche tribe.who commented on how he felt about his character and also about the protagonist and his union with her in the story.

“The time they have spent together as friends is educational for both of them. Obviously, his father was not present, so he has been like the papa bear of his childhood. Therefore, although she is her little sister, she is also her best friend. And so they have been hunting together and he has been teaching her throughout their lives. So, he is protective, but he is also very proud. And it was exciting to be able to represent that.”

Image of the bravest Comanche hunters in "Predator: the prey"within them, Dakota Beavers as Taabe.  (Star Plus)
Image of the bravest Comanche hunters in “Predator: Prey”, including Dakota Beavers as Taabe. (Star Plus)

Likewise, dakota beavers revealed the life lesson he takes away from his character in the film, referring to one of his favorite details about Taabe being that he resembles a John Wayne native. It should be noted that this figure was characterized as a symbol of the rude and masculine in the cinema. And he said:

“He’s the one when the time comes when you have to stand your ground, he does, even if it means it might not work out the way you want. And the fact of having that bravery being in the middle of something difficult and doing it anyway, really stood out to me.”

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the alien hunter "Predator: the prey".  (Pus Star)
The alien hunter from “Predator: Prey.” (StarPus)

When asked to express himself a bit more about the leading character, beavers He began by stating that Naru is very intelligent and that she is a girl who examines in detail what is in front of and behind each person. She takes the time to examine each of the situations.

official poster of "Predator: the prey".  (Star+)
Official poster of “Predator: the prey”. (Star+)

To finish, the nascent actor revealed what he enjoyed the most about the film, and this is what he declared:

Predator: the prey he has his weapons which I think are really cool. For example, he has the bolt action pistol and the spear which is quite deadly. I really liked these guns in the movie, better than the shoulder cannon from the previous movies. I was very happy with that.”

Predator: the prey is available starting today, August 5, 2022, at plus star. Do not miss it!

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