Anabel Pantoja explains why she is not on vacation with Yulen and her mother, Arelys: “I don’t paint anything”

This Thursday, Anabel Pantoja has exploded live in ‘Sálvame’. Tired of the information about the new hospital admission of her father, Bernardo Pantoja, she has complained that the program questions her decisions and that her colleagues constantly criticize her. Also, she has confessed why you have decided to go to the Canary Islands while her boyfriend, Yulen Pereira, continues his holidays in Mallorca with his mother, arelys. The reason? She wanted to go home: «I have to be with mine and he has to be with his. He has gone on vacation with his family, I don’t paint anything. I have to organize my life and my things.” He thus makes it clear that it is not up to him now to be with his mother-in-law, with whom he has had his differences.


«I’m not riding on a ship. I’m doing important things. I don’t have to justify myself to anyone… I’m tired of the values ​​you have to give me every afternoon. I decide my life and I will do what I have to do»He has explained about the comments made by some collaborators, who have not seen favorably that he has not gone to Seville to see his father. «You have not cared in the bloody life my father, but it’s over. After yesterday’s program talking about my father and my mother… It’s over! That’s not fair”He said.

At the end of his speech, he apologized for the tone with which he addressed his colleagues. Anabel Pantoja is currently in the chalet of Gran Canariawhere did he move after separating from Omar Sanchez. But her return home has not been as she expected. Returning to the routine after so much time away, she has come across many memories and now feels emotions that are difficult for her to digest. He feels vulnerable and that is why his mood has dropped: «I’ve been home alone for a week after four months. It’s been a lot of emotions and I’m still adjusting. I’m on the defensive because of all the things that are happening to me. I am human”.

“I’m not having a good week,” acknowledges Anabel Pantoja

His return to the archipelago is not being as easy as he expected: «I am not having a good week and I am jumping tremendously. It is not justifiable, but I will gradually adapt to reality. It is true that I have been traveling. I needed to unplug. But landing on the island, coming home, finding bad things, regular and also good… I was the last contestant to come home. I have come across a lot of things. It was a very shocking reality check. My life has stopped for three months. About her possible -and expected- return to work, she does not want to venture to confirm anything: “Right now I’m not in it, I’m doing things.”

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