Andreani offers work in Argentina with salaries of up to $220,000: where to send the CV today

Andreani presented different job offers in the LinkedIn social networkduring the last month. The logistics services company is in full search of advanced students or graduates in Marketing, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, among other careers. One of the positions would have a salary of up to $220,000.

Among the detailed requirements that they specified, the interested parties must have previous work experience in matters related to the customer service, management control, logistics, among others.

In addition, it is important to have advanced knowledge in Excel and Word, Cloud Services, Containers and Microservices.

In this way, the company joins other companies, such as jobs-in-Argentina-how-to-apply-20220523-0033.html” target=”_blank”>Free marketand banking entities, such as BBVAwho launched a job search through different platforms.

Andreani is in charge of carrying out parcel services, document letter, wine shipment, e-Commerce Bigger and Pallet, among others

within the jobs” target=”_blank”>job offers that the company has in the country, and as indicated on its LinkedIn portal, both aim to add workers in the province of Buenos Aires and surroundings. These are the Senior Finance Analyst role (with an average salary according to Glassdoor of $220,000) and the HRBP Ssr Analyst role.

Jobs at Andreani: what positions do they offer

1. Branch Sales Executive Jr.



  • Advanced student of the careers Bachelor of Marketing, Marketing, or related careers. (Not Exclusive)
  • Previous experience in customer service and cash handling.

2. Liquidator(s) Mr.



  • Graduated students of the careers of Lic. in Labor Relations, Lic. in Labor Relations, Public Accountant and/or related careers.
  • More than 5 years of experience in similar positions.
  • Advanced knowledge in Excel and Word.

3. Management Control Analyst Sr.



  • Advanced students or graduates of Business Administration, Industrial Engineering or related careers.
  • Preferably, have 4 years of experience in management and cost control.
  • Advanced knowledge in Microsoft Office.

4. Cost and Operations Analyst Ssr



  • Student or graduate of Industrial Engineering (preferably), Business Administration or for purposes.
  • At least 3 years of experience performing the role.
  • Experience in the logistics industry (desirable)
  • Advanced knowledge of office / Power BI tools.

5. Data Scientist Ssr.



  • University/tertiary students of Cs careers. Data, Engineering, or purposes.
  • Have verifiable experience in similar roles using the Azure, AWS, GCP, Huawei platform and querying SQL databases.

6. Junior Developers



  • Students of Engineering/Technical studies in Computer Science, Systems or for purposes.
  • Knowledge of any of these programming languages ​​Netcore, React, Go, .NET, Node.JS.
  • Knowledge in Microservices, Containers and Cloud Services will be valued.
  • Minimum 1 year experience in similar roles or academic/independent projects.

Complete list of jobs in Andreani from July 2022

To see the complete list of jobs at Andreani, you will have to go to following link which will direct them to the company’s official site on the LinkedIn social network.

How to apply to Andreani

  • Go to Andreani’s website on LinkedIn
  • Filter by jobs “heavy month”
  • Select the vacancy I wish to access
  • Click on the option “Apply”
  • Immediately, they will be directed to a web page to apply for the available vacancy
  • They will have three options to send CV or personal data: Bumeran, ZonaJobs or fill out a form manually

Options to apply to Andreani

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