Annoyance in Aldosivi due to the state of Minella and the “no” of the Aprevide for the match with River «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

Yes ok Aldosivi football is focused on this Tuesday’s game against Colón, in Santa Fe, in Mar del Plata there has been talk for days about the expectation generated by Sunday’s game, in which Leandro Somoza’s cast will receive Silver river for the tenth date of the Professional League.

It will be the only duel that Aldosivi will face at home against one of the greats since the fixture stipulated that he have to visit Boca, Independiente, Racing and San Lorenzo.

That is why Sunday’s game is the only chance that the Puerto Rican leadership has to get an important collection.

However, from the club they assure that “politics” will make it impossible to have that expected income.

The fact that the municipality has not moved forward with the refurbishment of a stadium Jose Maria Minella that since September of last year an entire grandstand has been disabled due to its serious building deficiencies, it generates deep discomfort in the Porto institution.

There are eight thousand locations less distributed on the two levels of the covered stalls, which due to its extra comforts -such as being able to enter the parking lot with a vehicle and having boxes- is also the one that pays the best at the time of sale.

Minella 01

That gallery is, on the other hand, the one that houses 192 desks for the press, who once again will not be able to carry out their work normally. It should be remembered that, since the closure of the covered stalls, Aldosivi does not receive national media or visitors since it only has a handful of booths to accredit local radio stations that broadcast throughout the year.

Even many local media have been left without the possibility of attending the Minella since September.
During that period Boca already came twice and on Sunday it will be River’s turn.

But if the municipal delay in taking action on the matter was already a headache, in the last hours the decision of the Preserve (Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sports) that will not allow the entry of visitors or neutrals on Sunday in Mar del Plata.

Minella 11

It is that, in addition to the partners with the daily fee, Aldosivi could sell only three thousand tickets. In this sense, it is worth remembering that the Porto club does not have an important corporate mass and that most of the fans prefer to buy their tickets week by week.

In short, on Sunday Aldosivi would only have enabled the popular north and the open stalls of the same sector, depriving himself once again of keeping the collection that he expected since the Professional League fixture was known.

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