ANSES: requirements and amounts to access discounts on train and bus trips

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) grants a series of discounts for retirees, pensioners and other program beneficiaries who wish to travel in trains Y mics medium and long distance, as well as the framework of urban transport.

This assistance, which is motorized through the I CONSIDERis promoted by the Ministry of Transport and the requirements to access are very simplesince you don’t have to register or get any kind of form. And the amounts of the discounts up to 40% in the case of medium and long distance trips on trains and buses.

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ANSES: discounts on train and bus travel, how to access

The beneficiaries of these discounts only they must show their documentation (credential of the I CONSIDER and DNI) as proof that he is retired or pensioned. With that single presentation, the beneficiaries will be able to access the 40% discount for medium and long-distance train and micro trips.

The objective of the program is also stimulate tourism And how much retired as pensioners can carry it out, adding the benefits for other national programs that allow them to travel and tour other parts of the country, such as the Pre-Journey which was already formally announced for this second part of the year).

According to what was reported by the I CONSIDERIn the case of trains, ticket purchases that are not made at the ticket office may also be made online, through the Argentine trains. In this case, the only extra procedure is to register on the site in order to have an account to be able to make the purchase (those who already have it do not need to add anything else).

ANSES retirees and pensioners can obtain a 40% discount on the purchase of medium and long distance bus tickets, as well as on trains.

Once inside the account, the beneficiary must select the destination he chose, with the date and time, according to availability.

As reported on the page My Argentinawho also enjoy this benefit are the retirees and the pensioners that are individualized through the Social Welfare Institute of the Province of Buenos Aires (IPS). In these cases, those interested must present their IPS credential when they go to buy the ticket.

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ANSES: discounts on urban and metropolitan rail transport

The I CONSIDERIn addition, it allows access to discounts by train and buses (collective) of urban transport and in this case the benefit reaches the 55% of the ticketto the extent that it is carried out with the corresponding UP card.

The essential requirement is that the GOES UP is “personalized with the social attribute and/or the affinity group that corresponds to you”, in a management that, according to the Mi Argentina website, “is carried out directly in SUBE-Federal Social Rate”.

How is this registration? This is a free procedure that is managed in the “Programs and Benefits” tab of my CONSIDERATE. There, the user must create his “PIN SUBE” and register his card, in a first step. And for the next one, you must go to an automatic terminal, through the SUBE Load app or on a device with a mobile connection, and activate the “Social Rate”.

the beneficiaries I CONSIDER both for the discount in urban transport and in metropolitan rail transport are the following:

  • Retirees and pensioners.
  • Veterans of the Malvinas War.
  • Beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance.
  • Pregnancy allowance,
  • Progress Scholarships.
  • Domestic work staff.
  • We make Future.
  • Social Monotax Registered in REDLES.
  • Non-contributory pensions.

On the other hand, all the beneficiaries of the programs of the I CONSIDER can recover 10% of the value of your purchases made with your debit card, to the extent that they are carried out in adhered businesses.

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In the case of retirees and pensioners, this reimbursement benefit includes the purchase of long-distance bus tickets, provided that this operation is carried out on Mondays at the points of sale of transport companies. These points of sale can be consulted in the commercial section of the website of the I CONSIDER.

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