Argentina on offer: boom in Uruguayan tourists who cross the river to take advantage of the exchange advantage

More than 5,000 Uruguayans arrived in the country last Friday from the port of Colonia. (

While Argentina is in the midst of another economic crisis, with doubts, dollar instability and strong inflation, Uruguayan neighbors take advantage of the exchange difference in their favor and increasingly choose the country for tourism.

As reported by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, In June alone, 50,000 Uruguayan tourists and 77,000 “excursionists” entered the country.These are people who do not spend the night and return the same day.

According to ministerial sources, 16.5% of all tourists who entered the country between January 1 and June 30 came from Uruguay. It is the second country from where more tourists arrive to Argentina, surpassed only by Brazil.

More and more Uruguayans arrive in the country through different routes for tourism purposes (EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)
More and more Uruguayans arrive in the country through different routes for tourism purposes (EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)

“In May, June and July the income of Uruguayan tourists is above the income in the pre-pandemic”affirmed from the portfolio led by Matthias Lammens.

If it is taken into account that the total number of tourists who entered the country during the first half of 2022 was 1.3 million, there are 214,500 Uruguayans who decided to vacation in Argentina during the first half of the year. However, from Tourism they updated the data and indicated that, at the time of writing this article, they are 241,300 Uruguayans who entered as tourists while some 255,000 did so as hikers so far in 2022.

These figures are consistent with information from the National Directorate of Migration of Uruguay, which indicated that during friday -prior to the long weekend in Uruguay, celebrated as a result of a new anniversary of the Jura of the Constitution of the neighboring country- more than 15,400 tourists traveled to Argentinaaccording to The Observer.

Of that amount, about 5,000 arrived through Cologne; 4,000 made it across the Paysandú bridge; almost 3,700 did it through Fray Bentos and about 2,400 through Salto. From the capital Montevideo, some 1,620 travelers arrived.

Thousands of Uruguayans entered the country in their own vehicles
Thousands of Uruguayans entered the country in their own vehicles

Tourism to Argentina is full, taking advantage of the exchange rate. Many even go in their own vehicles on the road to take advantage of an exchange rate difference that favors us today,” he stressed. Rowing MonzeglioUndersecretary of Uruguayan Tourism to the Observer.

The official noted that Uruguayans benefit from their “solid and stable currency” that allows them to travel to Argentina with several advantages in terms of gastronomy and entertainment costs.

In the neighboring country, the exchange rate is about 42 Uruguayan pesos per dollar, while the Argentine peso is trading at around 0.30 Uruguayan pesos.

“We see it with satisfaction, tourism is a global activity, round trip and it gives us pleasure that many Uruguayans are enjoying this possibility since they have had two difficult years, they have worked hard and it is fair that they can enjoy traveling wherever they pleaseMonzeglio concluded.

Very different is the tone used by the Argentine government in recent weeks to refer to national emissive tourism. Yesterday, Alberto Fernandez He targeted those who buy dollars to travel and legally transfer foreign currency abroad. The President considered that these two segments are responsible for the increase in the price of the US currency. However, in an act at the Casa Rosada, he admitted that “some numbers of public accounts” must be adjusted.

In addition, while the neighboring country celebrates the possibility that its citizens can travel wherever they want, Argentina is trying to discourage trips abroad through a 10% increase in Perception for expenses abroad with credit cards. The new Minister of Economy, Silvina BatakisHe said days ago that “the right to travel collides with the generation of jobs.” She said that she was quickly questioned by the private tourist sectors and that it generated the indignation of the entire “industry without a chimney”.


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