Argentines abroad: the best towns to emigrate to Portugal and start from scratch

More and more Argentines decide to emigrate to other countries to start a new life because of the economic instability that has occurred in recent years. Another of the countries that Argentines have in mind, in addition to Spainit is Portugal.

This country is one of the easiest territories to enter, because a visa is not required and there are a large number of job offers for any foreigner.

In the last nine years, more than 1 million Argentines emigrated to other countries in Europe or Latin America.

Faced with this situation, we tell you which are the towns in Portugal to which you could move to start a life from scratch.

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bidos is one of the places that attracts the most attention in Portugal, since it is characterized by its picturesque walled towns. It is located near the capital and situated on a high point, near the Atlantic coast.

During the year, Bidos celebrates various well-known events, such as the International Chocolate Festival, the Medieval Market and Christmas, where the town is decorated with objects of the time.

As for its tourist places, the most beautiful are:

  • The Bidos Lagoon: there you can see the contrast with the sea and the view of the oldest castles in the city.
  • Ablio de Mattos e Silva Museum and the Municipal Museum: In both places, tourists can see the varied artistic expressions of the locality.


The capital of Portugal, is another of the places that Argentines have to enable in case they want a new life. It is located in the north of the country on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Lisbon is made up of 600 thousand inhabitants.

As for its tourist attractions, it is characterized by:

  • the classics trams that are present since the beginning of the 20th century that were bought in the United States.
  • Another place he has is his bookcaseSimon Bookstoreconsidered the smallest in the country according to the travel site Traveler. However, its size is not a problem for people since they can find 4000 books.
  • Beaches: they can be reached using public transport, they are places with plenty of space to sunbathe or carry out typical summer activities.

Lisbon tram, Portugal.

How to emigrate to Portugal and what do I need to enter the country?

The requirements to emigrate to Portugal:

  • Documentation (Passport)
  • Criminal record
  • They may require basic knowledge of Portuguese.

Facilities offered by Portugal:

Portugal is one of the territories that offers good weather with more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year.

  • The cost of real estate where you can buy two bedrooms for less than 150,000 euros.
  • There is good medical care.
  • The language is not an impediment for foreigners because it comes from Latin, close to Spanish.

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