Ariel Rodríguez Palacios against Ricardo Montaner: they revealed the reason that would have generated friction between them

From its origins in eltrece and during its present time in America, JUSTICE -previously known as Los Angeles in the morning was among the favorite programs of that audience interested in the details of the life of celebrities. Edition after edition, both Ángel de Brito and the panelists share with the public the crises, separations, reconciliations, fights and pregnancies (among other firsts) that occur in entertainment. Friday night was no exception and it was Fernanda Iglesias who introduced a friction between two prominent names in the entertainment environment: Ariel Rodríguez Palacios and Ricardo Montaner.

Ariel Rodríguez Palacios against Ricardo Montaner: they revealed the reason that would have generated friction between them

Ricardo Montaner He is a renowned musician who is not only considered one of the benchmarks of the Latin genre throughout the world, but also has an unparalleled journey within the entertainment industry. In turn, his success was increased by the rise to fame of his children -Evaluna, Mau and Ricky- who are also very high in the current rankings. Today, he is also part of the jury of The Argentine Voice (Telefe), a role won by a Martín Fierro during the 2022 ceremony.

On the other hand, the curriculum vitae of Ariel Rodriguez Palacios has nothing to envy the author of “The Glory of God.” He has been the host of multiple cooking shows for years, co-creator and director of his own culinary academy since the 1990s, and author of various recipe books of his own.

From LAM they talked about a friction between Ricardo Montaner and a prominent Argentine chefGUIDO ADLER

But, What unites these two figures who, although famous, have no known link? That was answered by Fernanda Iglesias during the most recent edition of THE M (América), currently hosted by Yanina Latorre while Ángel de Brito enjoys a well-deserved vacation in Milan in the company of Andrea Taboada, who, in addition to being a little angel, is a close friend of the journalist.

After greeting those who watched from their homes and after officially starting the last program of the week, Yanina Latorre announced that she had an enigmatic. “A celebrity rejected by a chef,” she said, by way of premise. Next, she opened the space for the little angels to try to guess while adding clues.

Ariel Rodriguez Palacios would have rejected Ricardo Montaner
Ariel Rodriguez Palacios would have rejected Ricardo MontanerDIEGO SPIVACOW / AFV

Little by little and thanks to the questions that each one asked – which Yanina answered with yes or no -, they managed to discover that the famous person in question was Ricardo Montaner. Guessing the first part, they repeated the sequence until they reached the second name and, finally, the driver revealed that it was Ariel Rodríguez Palacios.

After the confirmation, he gave the floor to Iglesias, who was the recipient of the first-hand information. As she explained, The artist from Valentín Alsina has his birthday on September 8 and is in the middle of organizing a party. For the same, wanted to summon the driver of Ariel in her sauce (Telefe) to take care of the food, but he rejected it. With nothing against him, he simply explained that he does not work in these types of events.

According to the little angel, the chef did not know Montaner by name and that is why it was not difficult for him to say no. “I did not know who he was, he does not locate anyone from entertainment,” he argued. This generated disbelief among his companions, who divided into two camps: those who supported his decision and those who judged him harshly.

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