Ariel Rodríguez Palacios criticized one of his assistants on the air: “I’m very hot”

Ariel Rodríguez Palacios questioned a colleague from his program (Intrusos América) on the air

Every morning the chef Ariel Rodriguez Palacios stands in front of Ariel in her sauce in a proposal that mixes recipes with information and entertainment on the Telefe screen. And no matter how routine and pre-production there is, the kitchen is an area of ​​permanent trial and error and some things can get out of control. Sometimes, it is an error of calculations and proportions. And others, because someone puts their hands where it doesn’t belong.

In intruders (America) reported an inconvenience with the preparation of a salteño-style nougat. Although she kneaded it hard over and over again, stretched it out, rolled it into a ball and kneaded it again, she did not achieve the desired consistency. panelists little viscount, Nicholas Peralta and Romina Pereiro They talked about various topics to make the moment more bearable, while he tried to straighten the matter out. But there was no case, and even though he tried again and again and everyone in the studio encouraged him, the situation did not get any better.

“This nougat is a nougat”, joked the announcer while Ariel passed the dough through the machine. “These are things that happen to all of us in the kitchen and have to be resolved”Pereiro said seeking to loosen tensions. But it caused the opposite effect: “It’s the first time it’s happened to me,” said the driver. “You are human, Ari.”, pointed out Peralta. “I’m hot”, Rodríguez Palacios released and told why he could not find the right consistency.

“Am I telling you the truth? It’s the only time I didn’t do something”, confessed the driver, disassociating himself from the matter. “Someone else made it for me, it’s the only time I didn’t do it, and it fails on air. If not, I would have time to be able to solve it sooner, ”she added, without naming the person responsible but with a visible bad mood on her face.

Ariel Rodríguez Palacios with Nicolás Peralta and Mica Viciconte

It is not the first short circuit to the air that occurs in the program. When celebrating a month on the air, a comment from the driver caused a stir by mentioning how the staff that accompanies him every day on the Telefe screen had been formed. “The team was surprising. Let’s say things as they are… they tell you you’re going to be with a girl named Mica, which one? Nooo!”, revealed the driver with total sincerity. Also, he made a strong comment about Peralta: “After Nico you say ‘what is this?’. I said that he is a friend of Daniel Gómez Rinaldi. And well… then what touches, touches”.

Rodriguez’s comments about his teammates generated a tense moment on the air. Beyond the discomfort, Mica and Nicolás chose to let the harsh words of the driver pass and continued with the broadcast. But, what seemed like a fight at the door, calmed down days later when the winner of celebrity masterchef visited with his partner, Fabian Cubero and his son Lukedriver’s house Ariel in her sauce. The host decided to delight the family with grilled ribs and different sweet dishes.

“I wanted to eat in this house”wrote the former Vélez soccer player, in the Instagram story that he uploaded, showing the roast that the cook made for his partner’s family. Also present at the table they shared was Ariel’s son, Felipe Rodriguez Palacios, who also works on his father’s program, as well as Nicolás Peralta and Valeria, the chef’s wife with whom they have been together for 30 years.


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