Ashley Judd met with the man who raped her more than two decades ago: “We had a repairing conversation”

This Tuesday, Ashley Judd surprised with an unexpected revelation: a while ago met with the man who raped her in 1999 to have “a restorative conversation”. The actress told on the podcast Curation with David Kessler that it was she who began the search for that man and that it was not difficult for her to find him.

“To make a long story short, we ended up together, sitting in two rocking chairs by a creek,” he summed up. And she added: “I said, ‘I’m very interested in hearing the story you’ve been carrying all these years.’ And we had a restorative justice conversation about that.”.

“I wanted to share that story because there are many ways to heal pain, and it’s important to remind listeners that I didn’t need anything from him, I just wanted to close the story. She didn’t need his cooperation or make it up to him. Nor that he changed his attitude to change the asymmetry of power that I experienced with him at the time”, he explained.

He was deeply sorry”, he assured. And he indicated: “When you are a victim of this type of situation, you lose your security. In my case, I lost my sense of confidence, but once I got it back, I ended up getting myself back,” she stated.

Regarding the incident that occurred in 1999, the actress cataloged it as something “crazy” and “unexpected”. “I was very clear when setting limits. She was already an empowered adult feminist woman,” she stated. “Therefore, that this could happen in these circumstances was something unconscionable and unforeseen. However, that encounter was part of a restorative justice process that was made possible by how full my soul is today,” she added.

Ashley Judd spoke about the encounter she had with the man who raped her in 1999

I had the opportunity to work with trauma and grief; to heal and experience all these changes in my own consciousness and to connect with these female coalition spaces with other survivors”, said Judd, who along with other colleagues became the leading voice of the complaints that ended with the trial and arrest of one of the most powerful men in Hollywood: the producer harvey weinstein.

In full swing of movement I alsoJudd revealed that she had been raped twice and that one of those forced sexual relations resulted in a pregnancy. In 2019, at the Women in the World summit, the protagonist of double jeopardy She noted: “I am so grateful that I was able to access safe and legal abortion, because the rapist, who is from Kentucky like me and lives in Tennessee, has parental rights in both Kentucky and Tennessee. I would have had to co-parent with my rapist.”

“So having safe access to abortion was personally important to me, and like I said before, democracy starts with our skin. We are not supposed to regulate what we choose to do with our interior, ”she reflected on that occasion.

Two years earlier, Judd told in an interview with ABC News his truth about the bad time he had with Weinstein. The actress explained that when she was young and little known in the environment, the tycoon called her to come to his hotel, but the concierge made her go to the room, not to a public area where she thought they would meet.

It was then that he got into the shower and invited her to see him while he was bathing, the same behavior described by many of the women who denounced him. Surprised and not knowing what to do, Judd told him “when I win an Oscar”, to which he replied: “Sure, when you are nominated”. “Nope. When I win an Oscar”, she retorted. The actress explained that that was the only thing she could think of to say to get out of that powerful man’s room quickly.

Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to prison for multiple cases of sexual abuse
Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to prison for multiple cases of sexual abuse

“I said it and ran out of the room (…). Am I proud that I said that? No. I’m sorry I said that. The part where I’m embarrassed says I’m not proud of it. The part where I understand how shame works, I’m like, ‘Okay, girl, you did the right thing saying that so you could run away.’ That’s the way it came out for me and everyone does what they can. And what you can do to prevent something, that’s fine,” Judd explained, in the interview with Diane Sawyer.

The actress also commented that she regretted not having made Weinstein’s actions public. “No one had warned me what he was doing,” she remarked. She also maintained that he wanted to have a “magic wand” to be able to change the past for her and for others. “I wish I could avoid it for anyone, always.” Judd did tell her parents and some of her actor friends about Weinstein’s harassment, but since she wasn’t yet well known in the business, she was afraid to speak out against someone so powerful.

Judd described a last meeting they had in which the man demonstrated his power to her, but she appealed to her dignity: “Once we passed each other at dinner and I had Barbara Walters next to me and him in front of me. Harvey said to me: ´I think I have a great script for you, Ashley, you should see it, I think with it we can finalize the agreement that we made. I think you can win an Oscar with him. I grabbed what I had at hand and appealed to my feminine power to confront him, when he changed his attitude and said: ‘Well, I think I’m going to leave you out of that agreement’, to which I replied: “You better do it, Harvey, you better do it”. From that day Harvey spat my name. Then the actress made two films for her studio, but he was never on the set.

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