At the age of 38, the Spanish journalist Mónica Domínguez died

Spanish journalist Mónica Domínguez, 38, died early Sunday morning from cancer. The news shocked the entertainment world, and many of her colleagues fired her through social networks.

the communicator had made a career in the media company Mediaset Spain and was known for her work as a reporter on the V programsTravelers Four, Four a day, The AR program, it’s already noon Y What a happy time.

Mónica Domínguez had started her career in 2006Instagram @monicadominguez

According to what was published by El Confidencial, Domínguez had started working in 2006 at the station Bierzo sounds. then went on to Ana Rosa’s program and later carried out the weekly space Divinity is in fashion. As of 2012, she stood out as a reporter for The mornings of four Y There is one thing I want to tell you. The young journalist also worked in What a happy time! Take a selfie and Dani&Flo. During 2018 he was part of Travelers Foura program in which he traveled to several countries around the world. That same year she was also a reporter at it’s already noon Y Four a day.

Also, during the coronavirus pandemic she had launched her own fashion line. As reported by the magazine Hello!, one of his last appearances on television was less than a month ago, when he appeared in a report on channel four.

The news of his death saddened her co-workers, who turned to social networks to honor her. From the account of Twitter program officer Travelers Four they said goodbye to the young woman with a heartfelt message: “See you always, Monica. We will never forget you. A huge hug to the family.”

The journalist was fired on social networks
The journalist was fired on social networksTwitter @travelersfour

For her part, the driver of four a day, Carmen Chaparro dedicated a few words to her on her Instagram account: “This eternal smile has just died, one of the most affectionate, good and transparent people I have met in this profession in which nothing is what it seems. Monica said goodbye to us last night. You will remember her from many programs, the last one, ‘Viajeros Cuatro’. I met her in ‘Cuatro al día’ and she was the light that illuminated the newsroom. I know that nice things are always said about those who have left, but she deserves them all. He was such a good person, so much… Dear Monica, you have not left, because you will always be with us. Keep loving us wherever you are.”

Also Sonsoles Onega, who had worked with Domínguez in it’s already noonfired her in Twitter: “Infinite sorrow. [Era una] excellent colleague”. The journalist Javier Palacio Elola tweet: “Dear Monica, today is a sad day. I just found out that your smile and joy will no longer give me moments like the ones we had. My heart just broke. Our eternal traveler. `Traveling is flying´ as you used to say, as you titled your adventurous blog. May your adventure continue.”

For her part, the actress and singer Amor Romeira also used Twitter to dedicate a few words: ”Eternal smile. Fly high, Monica.

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