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The College of Auctioneers and Public Brokers of Mar del Plata He expressed his agreement with respect to the extraholera occupation that is registered in the city for the winter holidays.

“It’s going well, you already noticed the good movement over the weekend and we already have 60% rental reservations”, indicated the president of the entity, William Rossiin dialogue with THE CAPITAL.

In this sense, Rossi pointed out that the last week of the winter holidays “is the strongest”, so they hope that during those days increase demand. “The expectation is good. Surely on Thursday or Friday the bulk of the people will arrive to enjoy that last week”, he estimated.

“From what is being seen, we believe we will reach 70% occupancy”, advanced the representative of the auctioneers, clarifying that during this time of year the supply of houses and apartments for temporary rent is “much smaller” than in summer.

It should be remembered that at the end of June, the School had anticipated that Mar del Plata would have some 20,000 non-hotel places available to tourists who want to visit the city during the school break.

“We are having a good reception of tourism”, considered Rossi and added: “We are satisfied with the people who have come”noting that visitors arrive in a complicated economic situation in the country and that they also choose the city in a framework in which there is “tourism offer throughout the country, which is also very interesting.”

In this context, the president of the College of Auctioneers specified that “people normally, in what is extra hotel, come between five and seven days in winter holidays.”

“Also there have been many inquiries, unlike other years, about private neighborhoods and their houses with pools. Those come for a longer period, for about ten days and even the two weeks of vacation. It is a new offer, which was not given before, ”he assured.

The president of the College of Auctioneers and Public Brokers of Mar del Plata, Guillermo Rossi.

In addition, Rossi explained that the most sought-after properties for rent this winter break were downtown and coastal one- and two-room apartmentsalthough those with three rooms were also an option chosen by large families.

On the other hand, the referent of the auctioneers considered that the volatility that the value of the dollar registered last week at the national level “did not affect as much” the development of the winter holidays in the city.

“The one who had decided to come did the same, taking into account that local prices are handled, the situation of those who had planned to travel abroad must have been different,” he analyzed.

Finally, Rossi remarked that for this influx of tourists to occur, the previous promotion that was made of Mar del Plata was “very important”, which included the dissemination of the indicative prices that were offered from the College for this winter season.

“That was something innovative and brought a lot of repercussion in terms of consultations, not only for rentals, but also for sales,” said the representative of the auctioneers and concluded by highlighting that “Mar del Plata was once again in the news outside of the summer season, which is a very good thing”.

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