Barby Franco relieved one of her cravings during her pregnancy

Barbie Franco

After an intense search to become a mother, Barbie Franco She is happily going through her first pregnancy. In a few months, the model will give birth to the baby, the result of her relationship with the renowned lawyer Fernando Burlando. In this way, you will be able to fulfill your dream of having a family with your partner.

In her social networks, she often shares images and videos of her family and work life. On this occasion, her followers asked her how she is carrying the pregnancy. “Are you worried about the change of body after going through a pregnancy?” Asked one person. “That’s the least of my worries. I have dreamed of this state for years!” answered. And when one of his followers asked him if he had any cravings, Franco posted a picture of some grilled chitterlings. “Lots of lemon” assured about what she likes to eat at this stage of her pregnancy.

The stories of Barbie Franco
The stories of Barbie Franco

In Sunday night (America)I come back, Barbie Franco he told Mariano Judica that he was expecting his first child with Ferdinand Mocking. The driver was in charge of giving him the foot to tell it publicly: “I told the producers one thing, and they knew and I didn’t. ‘Won’t it be… won’t it be…?’. That’s why he had to miss last week and today I’m watching it from here”. So, without much further ado, the former participant of The academy He expressed, showing his incipient belly: “Should I stand in profile?”

“We have a baby!”she announced, with a big smile. “We are pregnant, four months ago. It shows me, badly, ”she detailed. And she continued: “It’s like everything new to me. He is already the father of two girls, but I am entering a world, I am informing myself every day. Very excited, she also related how sought after this pregnancy was: “This baby’s story comes from five years ago. God wanted it to be in a natural way, that we said: ‘It can’t be’. We had failed attempts with the in vitro method and then I said: ‘I’m going to relax, that’s it, let it be what God wants’. And, from one day to the next, she came ”. “I remember perfectly when he was him, he didn’t, but the woman feels it. The next day, I felt radiant, I was in a cloud. You feel different, ”she pointed out moved.

Meanwhile, he also revealed his reaction when he found out: “When I saw the test and it said it was positive for two weeks, it was shocking (…) It was strange that it didn’t come to me because I’m very watchful, I thought it was from all the stimulation, some hormone that was left spinning, I didn’t understand much. And it was a flash to find out.” In addition, she told how she communicated it to her partner. She “she was in the bathroom alone. Mocking in a polo match, in another. Y I called him to touch, he was also shocked. We were both in shock, crying. I didn’t record it, can you believe it?”

However, he still did not want to reveal the sex of the baby on the way, and clarified that they are also going through a delicate family situation. “I know, I’m 16 weeks pregnant, but we’re going through a lot of weird feelings as a family because Just this week Fer’s mom had a strokeI send him a huge kiss. We are having a bit of a slump,” she commented.

I’m not going to say the sex yet, I’m going to keep it to myself. I don’t know if it’s going to be a Burlandito or a Barbarita, but it’s going to be a demon. If he comes out with the genes of the two, fear ”, he launched between laughs. And he closed: “I’m thinking of names, but we can make a game, I listen to ideas.”


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