Barby Franco relieved one of her first and unexpected cravings during her pregnancy

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Some of Barby Franco’s interactions are with her virtual followers, where pregnancy occupies a primary place.

Since then, the former stewardess of the led the duck She did not stop interacting with her million and a half followers from her Instagram account, where she tells how her pregnancy progresses day by day. Thus, when asked if she is concerned about the change in her body after going through a pregnancy, taking into account her statuesque figure, Barbie Franco He confided that it is the least of his concerns, given that he has dreamed of this state for years.

Meanwhile, when another user wanted to know if he had cravings, Burlando’s wife responded with a photograph of some royal chitterlings grilled, adding that they have to be prepared “Lots of lemon”. Finally, a few hours ago, Barby shared from her virtual stories the back of a photographic production with her partner and did a survey about what her fandom believes is the sex of the baby that will arrive in the world by the end of the year that she already knows but not yet disclosed.

Barby Franco revealed the possible names of the baby she is expecting with Fernando Burlando

Sunday July 10 Barbie Brando announced in Sunday night (América TV) who is expecting her first child with the lawyer Ferdinand Mockingher partner for 11 years. After several years of trying, including through in vitro treatments, the model became pregnant naturally when she relaxed with the subject and surrendered to the designs of nature.

Thus, the day after visiting JUSTICEFranco first thanked Angel of Brito to keep the information even though he was aware from minute one. And although he acknowledged that they already know the sex of the baby, since he is 16 weeks old and the genetic study was carried out, for the moment he prefers to keep the mystery about it.

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Barby Franco announced on LAM (América TV) that she has a due date for December 29.

Barby Franco announced on LAM (América TV) that she has a due date for December 29.

But, in the midst of the joy that he lives with Burlando, what he did trust Barbie Franco is that she has a due date for next December 29.

And in relation to the name that she will give her first child, Barby confessed that she already has a list of possibilities that she began to do with her partner. In this way, without stepping on the sex stick, she assured that she likes it very much Yanina if it’s a girl, while if it’s a boy he’s thinking about Victory either Angel.

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