between stardom and loneliness

Before finding her definitive place in Hollywood, where she became one of the stars of the mega-studios in the movie mecca and one of the most sought-after and sought-after actresses on the market, as well as the one that generated the most profits, she was a factory worker and fashion model. almanacs.

Upon entering the film industry, she went through various productions in very minor roles, some of which did not register her in their casts, until in 1950 she took part in “While the City Sleeps” (The Asphalt Jungle), a black cop that the director John Huston directed with figures of the moment such as Sterling Hayden, Jean Hagen, James Whitmore, Sam Jaffe, and Louis Calhern.

That film was the kickoff of an ascending and unstoppable film career that ended very soon, with two dozen films that had her as the protagonist and an abrupt and tragic ending on a night in which, it is said, many telephones rang that no one dared to answer.

In Huston’s film, at the age of 23, Marilyn intervenes in two sequences -one in the middle of the footage and the other at the end, in a definitive instance- in which she provided a luminosity totally opposed to the grayness and impiety of that world of gangsters with no destiny

There, Angela Phinlay (her character) shines and Marilyn’s beauty in its fullness also contrasts with the withered wife of her lover (Dorothy’s Tree) and with the other important woman in the plot, the goofy suitor (jean hague) of one of the losers.

The film had four Oscar nominations – picture, John Huston as best director and adapted screenplay and Harold Rosson as best black and white photographer – but lost in all of them.

That same year, Marilyn took part in “The wicked”where he was the protagonist of the furious artistic and generational confrontation, both in the cinematographic and in real life, of bette davis Y anna baxterboth nominated for Oscars as leading actresses, but their work did not go unnoticed.

The definitive establishment as a star is situated in 1952, when he starred in “Desperate Souls”of roy bakerfraud Richard Widmarkand comedies too “Vitamins for Love”of howard hawksfraud cary scholarship; “Tears and Laughter”of henry hathawayfraud charles laughton; Y “Passionate torrent”also by Hathaway, with Joseph Cotten.

marilyn monroe

Always in light films, he acted in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”of Hawks, with Jane RussellY “How to Fish a Millionaire”of Jean Negulescobeside Betty Grablewhose great advertising novelty was its projection in CinemaScope and stereo sound.

Labeled as a beautiful actress, with a life close to scandal and with roles that belittled her in front of her male co-stars, she also shot “Lost souls”of Otto Premingerfraud Robert MitchumY “I was never a saint”of Joshua Loganbased on the Broadway hit “Bus stop”but whose title in Spanish was a password for the timorous public of the time.

The big moment came in 1955, when the great billy savage summoned her to “The Seven Year Itch”in pairs with the already forgotten tom ewellwhere he was able to demonstrate his ability as a comedian, a virtue that he repeated four years later with the stainless “One Eve and two Adams”also with Wilder and the company of Tony Curtis Y jack lemon.

Marilyn Monroe One Eve and two Adams

In the middle was chosen by the stern Lawrence Oliver to direct her in “The Prince and the Showgirl”where was his coequiper, and by the specialist in actresses george sugar by “The Lovable Sinner”fraud Yves Montand as his gallant.

His last official job was “The misfits”of its discoverer Huston, with clark boom Y Montgomery Elevator.

At that height, norma jeane mortenson He had shown his weaknesses, he had fought with half the world and at the same time he took classes with Lee Strasberg and converted to Judaism to marry the playwright arthur millerone of the most prestigious intellectuals of the 20th century, with whom he was in a relationship for five years until the divorce in 1961.

Before, he had gone through two other marriages, with James Dougherty, between 16 and 20 years old and with the baseball player joe di maggio (1954-1955)

Her undeniable magnetic personality allowed her to rub shoulders with the world of politics and in particular with the powerful Kennedy clan, perhaps the beginning of her catastrophic end in the solitude of a room, accompanied by a tube of barbiturates.

When she was found dead on August 5, 1962, a second life began for her in which she was portrayed by Andy Warhol with images reproduced on T-shirts, posters and teenagers’ bedrooms and not so much; In addition, he revealed himself as a gay icon and protagonist of literary stories, movies, series and even a play, “After the fall”, written by arthur miller.

Blonde: Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe

Currently it is soon to be released in Netflix “Blonde”a portrait by the interesting New Zealand filmmaker andrew dominic (“Kill them softly”, “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Cowardly Robert Ford”), based on the homonymous novel by Joyce Carol Oates that traces his life between 1950 and 1962, and where Anne of Arms personifies the irresistible Marilyn, a character who for many reasons spans decades and is still present.

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The official synopsis of Blond given: “[La película] boldly reimagines the life of one of Hollywood’s most enduring icons, Marilyn Monroe. From her volatile childhood as Norma Jeane, through her rise to stardom and her romantic entanglements, ‘Blonde’ blurs the lines of fact and fiction to explore the widening divide between the public and private selves. of her “of her.

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