Big Titus! They assure that the Argentine electric car sells more than other brands

Tito, the battery-powered electric car invented in Argentina, surprised the domestic automotive market by generating more sales than other international brands with a long history.

Coradir, the company that manufactures it, assured that there is an encouraging outlook and the news, of course, fell very well in the province of San Luis, where the industrial plant in charge of Tito’s production is located.

According to the firm, in July 23 Tito units were patented in the country. The number is very satisfactory, since it was imposed on other new innovative models of prestigious brands that, one step below, have not managed to patent two dozen.

In the month of July, Tito won the race against the Chinese Shineray, which sold some 17 units; Photon with 14; Changan with 13; Baic and Haval with 8; and Faw with 2, among others. In addition, he left behind big-name manufacturers like Lexus, which sold 19 units; Volvo, 16 units; Subaru. 12; Mitsubishi 11; and Mini 9.

The advantages of Tito in the market seem to be that, beyond the fact that it is a city car. low maintenance costs and savings between charging the battery and filling a tank of fuel. In this sense, the relationship is from 1 to 10 for the benefit of electrical energy. That factor in times of rising gasoline prices seems to be the key to giving it daily use without having to sacrifice your wallet.

It should be noted that since its market launch, Tito sold out a pre-sale of 500 units of its three-door version in just three days. Then, a pre-sale of 50 units of a five-door model was launched, which sold out in just 48 hours.

The furor aroused from the beginning and reaffirmed with what happened in the following months led the manufacturing company to think of other models and costs depending on the different combinations of bodywork, equipment, inclusion of air conditioning systems and battery life (longer or less autonomy).

This is why Tito appears on the market today in two versions with six different models. The Tito S2 100 and the S2 100 AA stand out, which is the one with three doors and with or without air conditioning. These differences are also presented in the five-door option with a range of 100 km and another combined with a battery of 300 km, with and without AA.

Tito is built with a steel chassis and a self-supporting sheet metal bodywork (its competitors use a fiberglass bodywork, which is why the Tito achieved greater success), an 8kwh lithium battery and 2000 charge cycles for the S5-100 model and a lithium battery of 21kwh with 300 kilometers of autonomy for the S5-300 model. It has seat belts both in the front seats and in the rear seats, remote central locking and lifts electric windows, among other things.

Tito electric car prices

Although the car is manufactured in San Luis, it is distributed in dealerships throughout the country. Its price, it was reported, is in the official dollar and depends on the model chosen by the client.

For example, the S2 version with 100 km of autonomy and without Air Conditioning (AA) is sold at US$16,500. The same model, with AA, goes for $17,750.

In the S5 version, that is, with 5 doors, with 100 km of autonomy, it costs US$18,000 without air conditioning (AA) and US$19,500 with AA.

The Tito car model with 5 doors without air, and 300 km of autonomy, amounts to $22,000, while the 5-door model with 300 km of autonomy and AA amounts to $23,250.

To buy it, it can be done with a reservation of US$200, by digital method or bank deposit. After 30 days 20% is paid and when the car is delivered the total.

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