Blue dollar at $300: the US currency broke a historical record, this is the price minute by minute

The parallel dollar reached $300 for sale, its all-time high. The US currency rose almost $10 in a few hours.

The free dollar keeps rising and now it’s on $298 for sale.

The US currency has now reached $296 for sale, which means an increase of $5 from yesterday’s close. The coin is trading at $291 for purchase.

The parallel US currency continues an upward path and now listed at $294 for sale and $289 for the purchase.

The official retail reference dollar, which is controlled by the Central Bank (BCRA), opened at $127.79 for purchase and $135.95 for sale.

The parallel US currency trades slightly higher, and It is trading at $293 for sale and $288 for purchase.

The blue dollar is $2 above what it closed yesterdayshutter – Shutterstock

Since the end of last week, by a resolution of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP), paying Netflix, Spotify and HBO became more expensive. In an attempt to discourage consumption in dollars, the Government increased the payment on account of Earnings and Personal Assets for purchases made abroad with a card by ten percentage points: retention jumped from 35% to 45%. That’s why, THE NATION developed a tool to find out how much you are going to pay for each service.

After 11 o’clock, the blue dollar is trading at $286 Y $291 for purchase and sale, respectively.

Yesterday in LN+, the driver of The newsPablo Rossi reacted harshly when talking about yesterday’s statements by Alberto Fernández, who pointed out that “those who buy dollars to travel make the blue dollar go up.” In relation to the president’s statements, the journalist asserted: “It seems to me the most complete proof of his disconnection with reality.”

Pablo Rossi, harsh with Alberto Fernández: “He is disconnected from reality”

An editorial in the British media Financial Times made a harsh analysis of the situation of the Argentine economy under the administration of the government of Alberto Fernández. “Argentina should be experiencing a boom” but, on the other hand, “it is headed for one of its usual collapses”, diagnosed the English newspaper, which called our country “permanent defaulter of South America”. The editorial also questioned the high inflation and with respect to the dollar, stated: “In the black market, the dollar more than doubles of the official value while the Argentines run to get rid of their pesos”.

The Financial Times, for sale
The Financial Times, for saleaccess point

A recent analysis by the Reuters agency assures that the world is advancing at the risk of a “great international default”, which Argentina is located “by far” as the most committed country and that the amount “at risk” is US$150 billion.

The agency qualifies Argentina as the “owner of the world record in sovereign debt default” and states that the country is on the way to “swell its track record”, by virtue of the evolution of the main macroeconomic variables. “The peso trades at 50% of its value on the black market, the reserves are at a critically low value and the bonds are worth 20 cents on the dollar, less than half of what they were worth after the debt restructuring that the country completed in 2020″, they affirm in the article.

The head of government of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, it targeted —although without saying so directly— against the national government. During the opening of a new edition of the Rural Exhibition, the Buenos Aires official considered that the potential of the agricultural sector cannot be developed due to the obstacles, and sentenced: “There are problems with taxes, gaps, a bureaucratic tangle with a sector that generates much-needed currency today.”

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Nicolás Pino (president of the Rural Society) and other rural leaders, at the 134th Livestock, Agriculture and International Industry Exhibition
Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Nicolás Pino (president of the Rural Society) and other rural leaders, at the 134th Livestock, Agriculture and International Industry ExhibitionRichard Access

The bitcoin dollar, also called the “crypto dollar” or stable coins (considered that way because of its parity with the dollar), increased its value. in Buenbit DAI can be purchased for $303.50.

Yesterday, during the presentation of the “Argentina Grande” construction plan, President Alberto Fernández criticized those who “buy dollars to travel” because, according to him, “they make the blue dollar rise”. In addition, in the same sense, he pointed against the “speculators who make the currency rise.”

Alberto Fernández blamed tourists for the rise in the blue dollar

According to the average of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA), the official dollar closed this exchange day with a price of $127.63 for the purchase and $135.79 for sale. The US currency controlled by the BCRA remained relatively stable compared to last Friday’s close, when it traded at $127.13 and $135.28 for purchase and sale, respectively.

Yesterday, in a smooth exchange day, the blue dollar closed the round with a price of $286 for the purchase and $291 for sale. In this way, it was placed $2 below last Friday’s closing price.

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