Botox is robbing us of the great Hollywood hunks

What a timely phrase to incorporate into the contemporary self-help dictionary: “The scar is the place where the light hits you.” This new mantra appears at the end of a comment about the last cover of the August’s GQ magazine, in which Brad Pitt as a cover boy he looks suspiciously rejuvenated by dint of chemical substances, proof that even the most desired men end up giving in to the curse of cosmetics and despair for eternal youth. It is not Photoshop. What a pity. The phrase is out of place with the ironed, unrecognizable face of the blond protagonist of so many stellar films and romances. Growing old hurts us all, there is no doubt.

Pitt – and Luis Miguel too – women tend to forgive any disappointment, including this overdose of Botox, pity that does not go hand in hand with the candidates that we later meet on the dating networks, those who swear they are 40 when on the third photo they he notices that there are twenty more. And we condolence even more since we know that Jennifer Anniston’s ex suffers from prosopagnosia or facial blindnessan inability to remember the face of new people you meet. No wonder the poor man admits that he has always felt very lonely, no wonder he keeps jumping from bed to bed. Imagine waking up and asking who you are while he wipes his lagañas…

I keep reading and I don’t believe the transformation. It is not new that the men are increasingly dependent on their appearance, some cultivating a masculine style that is too “tidy” by cosmetics. They are usually seen sitting in the manicure and on the tables of beauty centers, either to draw their eyebrows with microblading (example, Ronaldo), remove blackheads, get scrubsshave and shave your head martially and with a toupee. As noted in an article in the newspaper The country28.2% of all users of aesthetic treatments, at least in Spain – where obviously (and without making sexist judgments), the famous Iberian male is redefining its profile – they are men, and only 13.3% consume a brand that sells Botox, this without counting other laboratories that produce said toxin. Some opt for hyaluronic acid to project the cheekbone, erase the nasolabial fold and hide the dreaded flaccidity.

We shouldn’t be surprised or prejudiced, but the appearance of Brad Pitt totally tuned causes a sensation, at least among his fans, because It is the same case of hundreds of Hollywood women who lend themselves to modifying the effect of time in order to stay in the industry.. Quoted in the note, Dr. Leo Cerrud, owner of a clinic in Madrid and Panama, maintains that the commotion is simply due to his fame, since he is “an indisputable gallant, well known as an actor who never he did nothing, and suddenly at 58 he has decided to do something, going from a hard face to something sweetened, that’s why he attracts attention “. Sweetened is relative. For other specialists, these sudden transformations in the Famous they ruin the reputation of the treatments, due to the unfortunate results of certain cases. “Sometimes it can drive men away from aesthetic medicine, they see it and think: ‘I’m not going to go to a clinic to go out like this’. But it’s not real. Botulinum toxin, better known by a brand name, does not change traits. It only decreases the contraction of the muscle, it seems that you have gone on vacation, it is not noticeable and patients usually say: ‘Oh, how good I see you!’, assured another source consulted. “What swells and modifies are the fillers, such as hyaluronic acid.”

Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio at the Oscars when they filmed “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” with Quentin Tarantino

Like women when we discover the poison, whose price has gone through the roof due to the devaluation of the peso and the stampede of the dollareveryone has their well-founded reasons, and criteria to apply what they want. Beyond that, we want to be returned to the louismi of the separated teeth and without filling in the cheeks; and to achilles of Troy with a furrowed forehead and sunburned, without astonished eyes, because no matter how famous they are and how much money they have to pay for the best hand, there are bad professionals everywhere…

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